prayer request
you guys are the best!

thank you!

keep those prayers a'comin' for sure...they really are making a difference for gbr, his family and friends.

got an update this afternoon from horse trainer...who dropped everything and headed out to see gbr for himself and it was good.

there is still a very long road ahead of gbr and his family but i know how strong willed he is. i know how stubborn he can be and i definitely know how hard he is willing to work for something he wants.

B and b
for now, i just want to hear that he has opened his eyes and smiled that gorgeous smile.

gbr...the kirofamily loves you! we look forward to every update we receive about your journey back to us.

i am grateful:

  • for the gbr updates through his family and friends
  • to have checked off many things on the ol' things list
  • for my kiroman and teenager
  • for a hot hot hot shower
  • for comfy yoga pants

just breathing isn't living!


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