five minute friday: community
it's all good

there he goes again!

just dropped kiroman off at the airport.

he is jetting of to speak at epoc new jersey tonight.

i pick him up at the airport tomorrow morning at 10am.

how's that for a fast and furious trip?

pretty awesome, huh?

i am continuously amazed by his dedication, love, passion and loyalty to the chiropractic profession.

i know there are many more just like him and i love and appreciate all of them for what they do.

i also know there are many who sit on the sidelines and reap the benefits without giving back.

and by giving back, i mean by mentoring, speaking, going out and doing something, anything, without hoping or wanting anything in return.

and folks, that means all those mall booths, public screenings and even the know and i know...the purpose of those is to create a vehicle for more new patients...don't count! i know those who would argue that they are doing them in the voice of education but honestly, that's a bunch of hooey...if you see a chiropractor or their staff doing screenings in a public forum, it's to generate new business for their office...and there is nothing wrong with wanting to stimulate your own business. i'm down with that. i'm cool with that.

i'm not always cool in the manner in which it is done...because i cannot tell you the last time i saw a proctologist doing a demonstration in a home improvement big box store parking lot. i have not ever witnessed a ob/gyn doing demonstrations in the mall during the holiday shopping season. i have yet to encounter a neurologist giving free advice at the big box toy store.

any way, i certainly digress from my original point...which is...

kiroman is my rockstar hero! he gives and gives and gives of himself, his time, his knowledge and the only thing he asks in return: is that those who ask for the help put it to good use..that they use that information to become the best version of themselves that is possible...that they pay it forward by helping someone else...he certainly isn't lining his pocketbook by doing what he does...his travel expenses are most generally paid by us personally. the time out of his office comes out of our pocket.

so why do we do this? because that is how important this profession is to our family. that's how important it is to our family that the chiropractic profession, as we know it, continues. that's how important it is to us!

there is never a right time to do this. even with an associate or two and the best staff on the planet and the most supportive family's not easy to climb aboard the star ship and head for the skies [ nod to styx and come sail away ]

but because the greater good of chiropractic will benefit from the message kiroman delivers, we will sacrifice.

what are you willing to sacrifice and for what higher purpose?

i am grateful:

  • kiroman had an uneventful flight today
  • to have replaced my glasses today [ i can see i can see ]
  • to have a deep understanding of what it is going to take to salvage the chiropractic profession
  • to be able to pull my rhino skin out of the closet when i need it
  • to have the ability to reflect, to grow and move forward

just breathing isn't living!


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