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weekend wrap up: lake style!

i know. i know. i know.

this post is late.

i was so tired when we got home sunday night...we made dinner, we showered and we vegged while watching ax men, then called it a night!

i didn't have it in me to get a post done but here it is now!!

the weekend was awesome!

i'm going to back up to friday to catch you up.

i did get back to the gym friday morning and had my first workout with a temp trainer [ cuz mine is on maternity leave with the cutest ever baby! ]

i quick stop at the feed store to pick up stall bedding and home to unload it.

teen ager agreed to go with me to the furniture store if we stopped by housing first.

so...off to housing, then a stop at the furniture store to pick out a bed and dresser for the lake house.

we need nothing spectacular. something decent to sleep on [ good by oompa loompa bed! ] and dresser that the bottom of the drawers don't fall out!

i think we accomplished this task in less than 30 minutes! woo hoo!

then it was waiting in the loading zone for our purchases and off to the lake we went.

we played "ralph, the furniture movers" and teen ager helped me get the box springs, mattress and dresser into the house. a did a quick check around, adjusted the ac temp and headed back to the city...we needed bedding, people!

so we shopped around and hit several places before we found what i was looking for. we are also doing a little change up in teen ager's room at the lake, too. her "old" trundle bed will be making a trip to the lake and the futon bunk bed is going away...if you are looking for a futon bunk bed, i have an awesome deal for you!!!

finally, we made it home!

saturday morning, i hit the grocery store to get some food stash for the weekend, then back home to realize i had not put my ice blankets in the freezer! *gasp* so i searched them out in the garage and threw them in the freezer.

some how the doolittles associate the coolers of food with them being able to go! so once kiroman was home, we loaded up our bags, coolers and whatever else was going this trip and out we headed!

cujo was so excited as we pulled into the driveway at the lake house! he couldn't wait to get out and check out his yard...sister didn't really remember but she got the hang of it rather quickly. but poor brother...the lake really isn't his thing...his siblings were a comfort to him, though!

first on the list was to finish the pressure washing of the dock. kiroman got started while i put groceries away. that's when i discovered i had forgotten a few things we were going to need for dinner :( then kiroman discovered that we had butchered the "second" hose when we were moving everything out last spring...so it was off to the walmarts for me and teen ager.

once home, more groceries were put away and then i grabbed the second pressure washer and got busy.

we finally finished the dock around 5pm...and then i begged for a ride around the lake...so we grabbed the razor and took off for a little drive...i sat in the back with no cushion so for the second lap, i grabbed an old pillow to cushion the ride!

once we were back, we started on dinner and kiroman got the tv set up.

after dinner, teen ager decided it was time to have a fire for s'mores...yum-o! there were no fires last summer. there were no s'mores last summer.

last year we had purchased some awesome wood from a local nursery to use in our chimnea by the pool...so we brought a bag with us to try out...it was just as awesome for s'mores!

after the s'more, marshmallow burning party, we headed inside to watch a movie...we watched we bought a zoo.


that's the gist of the movie.


obviously, i cried through most of the movie...a spouse that has passed away, a spouse that has passed away, an ill animal...come on!

but let me tell you: the message in this movie is unbelievably awesome! benjamin mee is one awesome human being.

when the movie was over, we decided as a family, that we need to visit dartmoor zoo...then we found out it is in england...i'm not saying we tabled the decision to visit, but it's going to take a little more time to arrange travel :) definitely going on the bucket list!

by the time we finished the movie, it was after 1am...and kiroman even stayed awake the whole time! not bad since he had been up since 4am ;)

we did sleep in a little sunday morning...but once in awhile, it's ok to do that...

after a little breakfast, we decided to go for boat batteries and mildew remover for the boat seats and a new seating arrangement for the deck...and fill up gas cans...

so off we headed...while teen ager slept ;)

once home, we put the seating arrangement together so that when we wanted to take five, there was a place on the deck to hang out then we made lunch and ate on the deck.

then we took a lap around the lake one time before it was time to get started on cleaning the boats.

then we hit the boats...the cleaning stuff kiroman picked out was a winner! it took very little elbow grease to get the black gunk off. it was still time consuming though.

the hee haw [ pontoon ] boat was the easiest to do although the seats were in the worst shape.

we actually got them done much faster than we anticipated.

even though we do indoor storage over the winter, they both sat in the field all last summer during the flooding...at least they were just dirty...no physical damage to either boat...fyi: we always put moth balls in the boats when storing them for long periods of time...mice hate the smell :)

now it was time to lower the lifts...the hee haw boat lift was super easy...the chaparral lift, not so much. it was pretty gunked up and the cable did not want to cooperate...kiroman and i worked on it and tried to figure our a plan...when i said, let's go find zach, he'll know what to do...since he's the dude that installs the lifts, and always takes our awnings down in the fall and installs them in the spring and takes care of the mowing, etc...

as luck would have it, as we were crawling all over the lift, zach came by on his 4 wheeler and stopped to lend a hand. he is also a director at the lake...which means nothing to you, dear reader, but what it meant to us: he has a key to the boat ramp!

so we were able to get both boats in the lake!! we weren't even planning to do that until next weekend!

i hollered at teen ager and she rode with us to launch boats!!!

she and i got to take the chapparal for a very short ride but it was awesome.

it was so so so awesome to be back on the lake. i can't even explain the feeling i had as i backed the boat off the trailer and turned toward our little cove and gunned the boat!

yes!!! [ fist pump for sure ]

we put the boat on the lift and headed for round two with hee haw.

teen ager talked kiroman into one trip around the lake on the boat...we had to take hee haw...speed boat was almost empty and it takes forever to fill up...but we were all good with a boat ride no matter which boat.

absolutely priceless...

all too soon, it was time to load up and head back to the other house. and back to evey day life.

i can't wait to go back!

yikes! a little extra here that i forgot about: when teen ager and i were at the lake house on friday, she went running off the deck because she heard some rustling underneath...i didn't think anything of it because, well, i didn't hear the noise but on sunday morning, i was walking up to the deck of the house and heard meowing...itty bitty tiny meowing...i stopped and listened harder...and yep...there was meowing coming from underneath the deck...and saturday afternoon, i saw a gray streak run out from underneath the deck [ a cat obviously ]. so i told teen ager she wasn't crazy, there really was rustling under the deck...turns out there are at least 2 kittens safely tucked away back there! one orange one and tabby colored one. and then sunday night, i made a jaunt outside and saw baby rabbits run from the bushes next to the door...it seems we have baby critters everywhere!

and little collage to wrap it all up!

Mother's day weekend 2012

  1. teen ager and i roasting our marshmallows for our yum-o s'mores!
  2. teen ager playing fire bug and catching her marshmallows on fire!
  3. me and teen ager enjoying our marshmallows/s'mores
  4. teen ager with her devil eyes and burned up marshmallow
  5. kiroman captaining the 2012 maiden voyage on hee haw!!!

i am grateful:

  • teen ager spent the weekend with us at the lake
  • to see the results of our labor
  • our lake house suffered no damage from the flooding
  • lake season is here
  • to have a real bed at the lake!!


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