it's how things work out...
let's all be more dog like, ok?

a little spizz for the weekend...

actually, it wasn't a little. it was a whole hell of a lot!

for you non-chiropractor readers...spizz is a term we use when talking the philosophy of chiropractic with other chiropractors.

and this weekend shall go down in the record books for sure!

it all started thursday night.

yep, i got home from driving teen ager to tejas that night...and let me tell you, the plane ride was scary for reals!

the city was experiencing a storm so we were late leaving dfw and we ended up flying through part of it, some of those turbulence were gut wrenching! we had an awesome flight crew and we landed safe and sound!

a chiropractor and his soon to be fiance were coming in after me...flying in from denver.

but they were late enough after me that i went on home to wait for them to arrive...just after midnight. so once they were all settled, i headed for bed but had so much running through my head that sleep evaded me for a long time!

and i had to be back at the air port by 7:45am to pick up our speaker! so i did what any normal trophy wife would do: i asked kiroman to call to make sure i was out of bed at 6:30 and then he called 10 minutes later and i finally dragged my hiney outta bed, brushed my teeth, put on my normal, every day trophy wife attire of wife beater, yoga pants, light jacket, ball cap with pony tail and flip flops [ better known as thongs ] and headed out the door.

i had never met THE Rob Sinnott DC PHC in person but i did gander at his facebook profile before i left!

and i sent him a text with a description of what i was wearing and when this very tall man walked past, reading his texts, i looked at him, he looked at me and i was like are you rob and he was like are you shawn?

and we were...he was rob and i was shawn!

woohoo! winner winner chicken dinner for us!

so off to kiroworld we headed...where the doc from denver was already hanging out.

then around noon time, the parker students hit town and stopped by the office before heading to the house to catch up on some much needed sleep after driving all through the night to get here! how is that for some awesome dedication? they leave dallas at midnight and drive through the night to be here for epoc on saturday...because they get how important it is!

i had to take payroll back to the office and pick up a few things then headed back home and hung out with the "kids" until kiroman, dr rob, dr scott and jen arrived with the pizza. a few minutes after the pizza arrived so did dr jeff and dr erick from minnesota [ and did you say that minnesota with a minnesota accent because i did! ]

then it was a free for all!

lindsay [ a palmer student ] dr matt and tiffany also came out to spizz it up. the conversation was awesome. it was serious, it was funny, it was chiropractic, it was was plain ass cool, people!

and we stayed up much too late!

we had so much fun and we all sooo enjoyed the evening!

we had a house full, gentle readers! we had people on couches, on the floor, on air mattresses everywhere!

i was a little worried about how the showering thing was going to work saturday morning but it all went off without a single hitch! it was great! everyone was fabulous! and i would even do it again! *gasp* right?

saturday was spent at the source, soaking up all the philosophy dr rob had to share with us. it was awesome, it was fabulous, it was inspiring...we laughed, we cried, we learned.

and when it was over, we headed to magic lake and chilled on hee haw...and below is a little collage of the fun we enjoyed!

June 16 2012 collage small

all i can is this: if you had an opportunity to be part of this group, you really should have been there! i know we all have a lot going on in our list is usually as long as my takes commitment beyond comfort [ as our adopted son, derrell, so eloquently put it ] kiroman missed out on being part of the adjusting crew for the us open this weekend with an opportunity to play the course tomorrow...but he had already made the commitment to himself, epoc, dr he followed through with his commitment. i missed the opportunity to still be in tejas with teen ager but i had made the commitment long ago to open hotel de koca.

and i don't mean for this past weekend only. look around in your life...are you seeing wholes that need to be patched? places where you can shore up your own commitments? whether that means to yourself, your family, your chosen profession, your hobbies, our pets, your get the picture, right?

part of cultivating a good life is to honor your committments.

was beyond impressed to have 6 chiropractic students with us this weekend. these kids are so hungry for the philosophy that they are willing to drive 6 and 12 hours to get it outside of their regular class time...they get nothing out of it grade wise...but man, do they ever get something out of their commitment to learn!

rock on derrell, jarrett, lindsay, lexi, lindsey and are awesome!

i am grateful:

  • for an awesome flight crew that got me home safe and sound
  • for the safe travels to and from our house and epoc this past weekend
  • to be able to call dr rob sinnott friend...he is one funny guy!
  • to be able to relax and chill this afternoon
  • for laughter...i laughed so much between friday night and tonight

just breathing isn't living!


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