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it's how things work out...

and so it begins...

the apha youth world show is upon us.

i meet this show with excitement and sadness.

this is teen ager's last go for this show.

she officially ages out of youth competition this year.

i am so excited that i can hardly stand it.

but it is also so bittersweet.

teen ager has been showing since she was 2 years old!

she is now 19.

she's had one hell of a youth career, folks.

and technically it isn't over until dec 31 but this is the last youth world show.

so the journey began a loooooooong time ago, really...

but the purpose of this post, the journey began this morning.

at 9:30am when teen ager and i headed out.

for texas.

with a few stops in between.

so here we go:

we left the house after sitting in the driveway for 15 minutes trying to get the hotel address into the was crazy hard and i have no idea why...i finally figured out how to use the hotel phone number to input the destination address...for some reason, inputting an address that has the street name of highway is a big issue for the jeep's gps...who knew?

we headed to the city to pick up a frappe for teen ager and a latte for kiroman, then a stop by kiroworld for hugs and kisses.

then a stop by the bank to get some cashola for teen ager and then we were officially off!

Gps leavingas we were passing through concordia, ks, i happened to glance over at the guy driving a truck and pulling a horse trailer.

no frickin way! i slowed down and started honking but he totally ignored the crazy lady next to him. so i hollered at teen ager to wake up and flag that guy next to she was doc mike!!! i know, most of you have no idea who he is so i will quickly fill you in. when kiroman was riding cutting horses, this is who he bought his horse from, this is who taught him how to cut and this is who we hung out with...he is also the reason we have our house at magic lake but that's another story.

so he rolled his window down and we had a brief convo about where we were headed and we went on down the road.

until we came upon a rest area...he motioned for us to pull over, so we did. and had a little reunion right there in the parking lot of the rest area. how cool is that? he was on his way to a non-pro event in okc...we wished him luck, he wished teen ager luck and we decided that it was pretty freaky that we can't get together for dinner in the city but we can meet on the interstate...totally random! but totally fun!

we made a quick pit stop after we said our good byes and headed out again.

okc is not a fun place to travel through during rush the never ending construction that I-35 is always under but we made it through in one piece!

we finally arrived to our hotel, unloaded the jeep and headed out to pick up "dorm food" for teen keep her fed for the next week.

yaaaaa...she is staying here until the world show. i'm leaving my car here for her and flying home tomorrow night.

this is a never done before activity...leaving teen ager for that long!

it's going to be awesome and she is going to be so busy that the time will fly by!

our whole trip down was pretty uneventful [ except for seeing doc mike ]...there were no issues with truckers, there were no major hold ups...except for that little stretch of highway right before mccool junction...where there was a funeral procession on a four lane highway...when the car ahead of me caught up with the procession and went to the left lane, the police car [ which was at the end of the procession, with its lights on ] swerved over and drove down the middle of our two lanes...totally preventing anyone from passing and totally binding up the traffic...we were traveling at a meer 40 mph...the speed limit here is 65...two miles later, the whole procession turned was weird that the cop didn't want anyone passing on the left but whatever...on one hand, it was kinda cool to show that respect but on the other hand, it was kinda took about 4 more miles after that for the traffic to straighten out and all of us not be on top of one another...almost like an accident waiting to happen.

but we are now here:

and if you are a long time follower of this ol' blog, you know how i love love love the license plate game! if you are new, i will explain:

when we traveled as kids, my mom was awesome at packing us these cute little boxes of "fun". each of us four kids had our own...all kinds of goodies awaited us in those boxes! another thing she did was to teach us the license plate game...where we kept track of the state plates we saw along the way.

i don't have the goodie boxes any more but i still play the license plate game but i have one self imposed rule: semi tractor trailers don't count. and here's why: i hate when the trailer and the tractor have plates from two different i do private vehicles only. that's just my rule, you can play any way you want!

so here are the plates i saw during our 10 hour drive today:

ohio, indiana, nebraska, minnesota, illinois, texas, colorado, kansas, california, missouri, arkansas, oklahoma, iowa, new jersey, georgia, new mexico, kentucky, louisiana, florida, tennessee and manitoba [ and yes, i know manitoba is not a us state :) ]

and that's all folks!

i am grateful:

  • for our safe travels today
  • for satellite radio
  • for great traveling weather
  • for being able to talk with kiroman through out the day
  • for the sunlight upon my face

just breathing isn't living!


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