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for those of you that have ordered the book [ wink wink ] this may be a bit of a spoiler...only because i am going to be quoting again from:

i am so grateful to have seen the posts that stephanie ackerman posted about this book...if only i were as talented when it came to doodling my thoughts but alas, i am not :(

but i sure will talk about them!

if you want to truly be successful, your desire to make a difference has to be greater than your desire to make money. if it is, then you will accomplish both.

how powerful is that statement?

pretty freaking powerful for me.

i finished this book on the plane today.

i cried.

and that may be because of one specific part of the book with the farmer and the fact that tomorrow would have been my dad's 67th birthday.

and i had mascara all over my face and no tissues.

remember those spit baths your mom used to give you? well, i gave myself one!


when i read that passage today, i had to highlight it and write a note. because i wanted to put some thought into what it meant to me.

and how i see others.

and what is money after all?

a medium of exchange.

nothing more.

nothing less.

i will tell you that from day one in our practice, money has never been our goal.

of course, we wanted enough to pay the rent, the student loans and buy a few groceries.

but our goal never was and never will be to line our pockets with gold.

our goal has always been to create a better world for the removing subluxations and helping people live life healthier and happier!

we are always working on making a difference in our community and beyond.

i will also tell you that we have never turned anyone away based on finances.


no scare tactics here.

no bullying.

no demanding you pay a year up front.

no telling anyone that if they can't commit to 3 times a week for a year, we won't accept them into our practice.

our main concern is to see you living to your optimum health potential but we also understand that our desires for your health may not be the same as what you desire...

for many many many reasons.

you, dear practice member, may have things going on in your life currently that will prevent you from following the recommended care plan.

and you know what? we're ok with that because we have things going on in our life, too!

hey! i'm married to kiroman and sometimes i do not take the time to get adjusted like i really ought to *gasp* i know...skeletons falling out of the closet right now! sometimes life gets in the way and i fall off the wagon but i know to get back on as soon as possible!

what i will tell you: our office will take the best care of you every single time they see you!

now, don't get me wrong, we do not allow practice members to dictate their care...i'm not saying that...what i am saying is that should a practice member find themselves in a situation, we are more than happy to work on that situation as a team and come up with the best solution!


because it's not about's about YOU!

our making a difference isn't all about kiroworld, either.

you already know that kiroman travels all over to speak to chiropractors about chiropracTIC. you already know that we bring the best of the best in the chiropractic profession to the city to speak to other like minded chiropractors. you already know that kiroman also coaches other chiropractors weekly. you already know that kirofamily mentors chiropractic students. you already know that kiroworld receives many chiropractic visitors every see what we do and how we do it.

and guys, believe it or not...we aren't being paid $$$ for any of that! [ we do charge a fee for the epoc group but that is to help defray the costs of rent, utilities, flights, hotel, dinners...and the fees we collect come no where near what it actually costs. but we aren't doing it for the $$..we want to enable other chiropractors to grow and learn and BEcome a better version of themselves...we do it to make a difference! ]

if you have not realized your life's purpose, then i highly suggest you purchase this book and get to reading.

it's a short book. it's a quick read. but the affects will be long lasting. and i am willing to bet that it will take a few readings to comprehend what jon gordon is imparting to you.

i will be reading this one a few more times. a little slower this next time...digesting even smaller pieces.

so back to the passage...kiroman learned from a very smart chiropractor mentor while still in kiro college to never make our patients about money but to love and serve them to the best of our ability...the $$$'s will follow but man...the first time you start thinking about your patients with dollar signs...your practice will spiral into an abyss...practice members do not want to be a dollar sign to you, they don't want to be a number to you...they want to matter to you!

i am grateful:

  • for my safe travels today
  • for the thunder
  • for the smile on teen ager's face
  • for suitcases
  • for jon gordon writing The Seed

just breathing isn't living!


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