holy snikees, batman!
and so it begins...

check ✔

here's what happened today:

✔ took care of doolittles

✔ fed ponies

✔ checked email

✔ did a few administrative things

✔ chatted with kiroman about a few things

✔ headed to the gym [ had a great leg work out with included some whining on my part ]

✔ dropped a latte off to kiroman

✔ got adjusted

✔ back home

✔ picked up truck/trailer and hummer golf cart

✔ slam on brakes which resulted in golf cart parking brake to release, slam forward and then backward which resulted in the front bumper getting cracked and the drop down door of the trailer getting whacked out of shape

✔ drop poor cart off at turf cars

✔ back home to get paperwork

✔ stop at copy store to make copies

✔ stop at bank

✔ stop at big box home improvement store to have key that didn't work re-cut

✔ head out to magic lake to pick up a few forgotten items from the weekend

✔ pick up dog food

✔ a quick stop at my favorite big box store

✔ back home

✔ converse via messaging with kiroman

✔ make a few phone calls

✔ back into town with truck to fill 'er up and pick up wood shavings, grain, wormer and salt blocks

✔ back home to pick up, make bed, let doolittles out

✔ dinner with kiroman

✔ tidy garage with kiroman

✔ finally get cushions on chairs around pool

✔ finally put winter pool cover away

✔ kiroman is now on a call and i am journaling my day

the end

i am grateful:

  • the golf cart did not fly out the back of the trailer
  • pat was able to help me get the trailer door open and the cart out
  • no human bodily injury was sustained from the idiot going from the left lane beside me, to cut in front of me to slam on their brakes and turn right...causing the damage to cart and trailer
  • my trainer "gets" me
  • for a fantastic weekend with fantastic friends...i sure miss you already!!!

just breathing isn't living!


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