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B and b

obviously, you know this post is going to emcompass gbr in some capacity.

it has to. so much of what i think about every day is about the battle gbr is facing. the battle his family and friends will stand with support, in love, in encouragement.

that's what i see.

i see gbr regaining his health, his strength, his life.

i see gbr becoming that vibrant 21 year old once again.

i see gbr calling me "mama koca".

i see him laughing at our little inside joke of the squirrel in dallas' stall...[no, there was never a squirrel in her stall...thus the inside joke!]

i see gbr at the horse shows once again...talking to every one...shaking hands, hugging, laughing.

it's so hard to imagine anything like this happening to someone you love and care about.

it's not something you ever see happening.

it is definitely something you pull the covers up over your head and pray the nightmare goes away in the morning light.

i see the injustice in the world during times like these.

at the same time, i see strength coming from those that have never met their prayers for his recovery...and that would be you, gentle readers! and that gives me the greatest of hopes the very soon we shall see gbr back on his feet again.


i am grateful:

  • to have the opportunity to spend part of my day at the gym
  • to have the opportunity to support kiroman as he serves our community
  • to have tremendous people in my support system
  • to have the most awesome blog readers on the planet
  • to have a pretty cool teen ager

just breathing isn't living!


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