five minute friday: see
how we do it...

here i sit...

waiting for kiroman to check in from seattle.

he left early this morning to speak at a chiropractic event!

i had no idea it was a full day of traveling to get from the city to seattle!

i dropped him off at the airport early early early this morning...i will be picking him up early evening tomorrow.

i miss that man.

i am so proud of that man.

i am amazed by how much he is willing to give to the chiropractic profession...selflessly...he has nothing to sell and nothing to gain financially from these travels.

so why would he do this, you ask?

to help other chiropractors become as successful as they are willing to be.

that's why.

chiropractic wins the battle as long as chiropractors are successful.

and we do not define success by our standards...we define their success by their standards.

we want every chiropractor to have the practice of their dreams.

so last friday, a chiropractor and his ca [ chiropractic assistant ] from north dakota came into town to hang at kiroworld.

they spent the entire day there...seeing what we do, how we do and soaking in the environment.

after a full day of serving, we headed for dinner then back to the kiro-command-center [ our house ].

we sat up talking the tic til way past kiroman's bedtime.

then saturday morning, they all headed back to kiroworld while i gathered supplies to take to the lake.

teen ager, doolittles and i headed out while kiroman headed to pick up the "fast" boat [ with kiro and ca following ]

we all met up a little while later.

we spent some time on the water...

at first we cruised around the lake then it was wake board time!

i decided to try my hand at the knee board and remembered what to do! then i decided to use the knee board as a skim board but that was an epic fail!

so now i am on a quest to find a skim board :)

after a day on the water...spizzing...we had dinner and sat on the porch talking chiropractic until midnight...

we did make a few s'mores in there, too!

i am so grateful to have this retreat.

kiroman snapped this pic sunday morning...i'm so grateful to be able to be spending our weekends here this summer!

we play full out in our family. nothing is ever done half way. it's pretty much all or nothing and we rarely are doing nothing!

as you know, kiroman is up and at 'em by 4 am almost every single day. he arrives back to kiro-command-center around 7pm...that's a pretty full day right there! besides, he's in the office 5 days a week...

but then he adds in evening accountability phone calls twice a week and coaching calls every thursday morning.

so we learned a long time ago: it's quality not quantity, people!

the kiro from nd asked me how kiroman and i balance everything  because we are always smiling and happy.

i told him...after more than 27 years together, we learned that spending quality time together trumps quantity of time together every single time.

we make the most of our time together...we don't veg out in front of the tv [ although we do that once in awhile ;) ]

we actually talk to one another! i know so many couples that are able to spend waaaaay more time together than we do but i also find that some of these couples rarely communicate! i am always amazed to talk to a spouse and find there are so many things they do not know about their own personal and business goals...especially those...because, those are more easily attainable when everyone is on the same page and working in the same direction!

i ask about his day and he asks about mine. we talk about the trials and tribulations that occur in teen ager's life. we talk chiropractic. we talk life plans. we celebrate our success and we share in our sorrows. we talk about kiroworld and we talk about the world of chiropractic. we talk about things happening in our we do a lot!

you already know that kiroman travels to spread the great word of chiropractic success to other chiropractors.

i usually stay do what i do. my role is support system extraordinary!

we have a finely oiled machine here...kiroman is able to do what he does because i do what i do because he does what he does!

make sense?

i do not work in the office every single day. nor do i really want to...i have plenty on my plate, thank you! but please do not think that i am not involved...i am very involved..there is not a business decision that happens without kiroman and i having a conversation and being on the same page.

that's how and why it works so well. kiroman has his personal goals, i have my personal goals and then there the business goals...we really are on the same page where all our goals are concerned.

i was able to be a stay home and i would not give that opportunity up for anything! we have the best teen ager in world...she makes the most awesome life decisions and i know that is in part because i was home and available to her 24/7.

oh, who am i kidding? i am still available to her 24/7.

and that does not mean that kiroman is not...because he most certainly is...

what i am that teen ager was not a latch key kid nor did we leave her to nannies, babysitters or daycare to raise.

i totally get that not everyone finds themselves in that same position and i am truly sorry for that. i really am.

but if you are in that position, i urge you to make the decision to be able to be home when your kids are home. [ but that is a post for another day ]

what i was getting to...the lake's our retreat. as a family, we are able to re-fuel for the upcoming week.

it's regenerating to be able to hang out, internet, facebook, texting, voicemails...i love the unplugged aspect for sure.

we toyed with the idea of selling during the flood. i think that came more from our disappointment of not being able to go out there and recharge...and i am so happy we didn't sell.

i love being there.

if you have ever been to our lake, you will agree that there is something magical about it. after having dinner with friends one time, i became totally enchanted and knew we should have a place of our took several years to find the right place but once we did...we made it happen in 10 days!

seriously! we made the offer and closed all within 10 days...

i think we should re-name it magic lake...maybe that's what i will call it from now on...

magic lake, it is!

and in other news:

gbr is having surgery today to repair his femur...please keep him in your prayers!

B and b
he and his family are never far from our thoughts...

i am grateful:

  • to have a weekend retreat!
  • kiroman is so generous to the chiropractic profession
  • for the medical staff caring for gbr
  • to be able to spend time with like minded and forward thinking chiropracTORs and ca's!
  • for the safe travels of kiroman this morning!

just breathing isn't living!


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