"just" another wednesday, folks
check ✔

holy snikees, batman!

and i may have that all wrong...i have no idea who says holy snikees...but i liked the way it all fit together for me...i guess that's me, as the blog author, taking liberties, right? right!

so today i absolutely hit the floor running!

i had a few things to take care of at home first thing this morning...like getting the kitchen tidied up...i've been attempting this for 3 days...i finally accomplished my goal today! whoopee!

then some laundry and making the bed and picking up the rest of the house, brushing my teeth...i did skip the flossing this morning :(...fed ponies, took care of doolittles and out the door to the gym

have i mentioned lately that i absolutely love my trainer? she is awesome and i am so grateful to be able to train with her regularly!

after an awesome workout, i dropped a latte off for kiroman and headed out to pick up some awesome pork chops to smoke tomorrow night at magic lake. i also stopped by garden ridge and picked up a giganto clock for the deck at magic lake...i have no idea what we did with the one we took down when we moved out last spring :(

then it was back to kiroworld, to have kiroman sign a few papers so that i could email them back...


then back home to scan and email said papers and get the truck and trailer.

off to turf cars to pick up the blue golf cart...after they did a fabulous job of servicing it for us! the out to magic lake to drop it off...

but first...i had to remember to tighten the caps on the gas cans in the back of the truck...and because i left myself a note last night, i remembered!


once at magic lake, i had to back the trailer in...no prob! then move the rzr, unload the golf cart, put it in the garage, close up the trailer, back it up out of the way, unhook it [ because the hummer golf cart is going in next week for the windshield...finally!!! ], back the truck up to the garage, unload 6 5 gallon gas cans, move the truck again, put the rzr away, fill the fountains and bird baths, start a load of laundry, take  a few things into the house...fold a load of laundry that was already in the dryer :( talked to our lawn guy and made a few arrangements for next week...washed the deck tables and chairs, washed down the walkway from the garage to the house, put everything away in the house, washed the sliding glass doors, put the laundry in the dryer at some point...it was done before i left so i did get that folded and put away! plus three totes more are unpacked!

then back to the city...a stop at menards to get a key made, a stop at mulhalls to pick up a flag thingy and i'm finally home...10 hours later!

seriously! where did all the time go today?

but tonight...kiroman and i are headed out on a harley ride...this will make three nights in a row this week! tonight is ice cream night...wonder where we will go???

in other news...gbr is having surgery on his right arm today. i have to tell you...all of your prayers are doing wonders for him, his family, his friends and the whole medical team that is working to put his battered body back together. thank you thank you thank you! i appreciate each and every one of you!

B and b
wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

i am so excited to get to spend it with my bestie, her husband and their two daughters! it's going to be a blast and then some! it's been a million years since we've all been able to hang out and we just can't wait!! i'm sure i will have pictures and stories to post!

i am grateful:

  • to have been so productive today!
  • for all Banks' prayer warriors
  • saturday is almost here
  • our project is moving forward [ secretive, i know but you all will know soon enough! ]
  • my kitchen is all tidy!

just breathing isn't living!


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