and so it begins...
a little spizz for the weekend...

it's how things work out...

so i flew home today.

our fair city was experiencing some storms.

my flight was delayed.

kiroman has to be up at oh dark thirty.

so i decided to take taxi home from the airport.

had an awesome driver.

from ghana. he's been in the us for 18 years and 11 years in our fair city.

he has 5 brothers and 12 sisters...some live here, some in canada, some in other places in the us and some are still in ghana.

he is a naturalized citizen and proudly proclaimed his love for this country.

he proudly proclaimed how grateful he is to be here.

he was in nyc.

he worked at the world trade center.

he took a week of vacation...starting sept 8, 2001...he came to our fair city to visit his brother...stayed a month, went back, packed his belongings and came back here.

he used to drive for dhl...his route was the north route so he had an idea of where we were going.

then we came to our neighborhood and he recognized all the houses he delivered to.

then he came up our driveway and was like...i've delivered to your house before...three have a cute dog that it's in that window all the time when i come here!

but then dhl folded and he lost his job.

and now he is driving a taxi until he finds something more permanent.

really cool guy...his native dialect is twi...pronounced almost like chtree...he tried to teach me a few phrases but i was hopelessly inept!

he is kids...i told him the right one is out there, waiting for him...that's why he was on vaca when the towers fell..and he agreed that God has great plans for him.

it was a super cool ride home :0

i am grateful:

  • for the awesome pilots that guided our plane through the horrendous storm tonight
  • for the awesome taxi driver i had this evening
  • for the rain...although i could do without the storming part!
  • for the laughter i find in every day
  • for great friends!

just breathing isn't living!


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