a little spizz for the weekend...
sister loves to supervise!

let's all be more dog like, ok?

i am reading the most awesome book right now.

it came to me at the most appropriate time, too.

don't you love it when that happens? you have a few books waiting for you and you happen to pick up this one at this time and then as you begin reading, you realize that this is exactly what you need right now!

a few weeks ago, stephanie ackerman had quite a few posts regarding this magnificent book...i knew then that it was a must have in my que on my ipad.

i bet you are wondering just exactly what this book is called so you can go right out get it for yourself, right? right!

so here it is:

Seed400click on the book for more info on the book and how to get your own copy.

now, i must share something that just spoke straight to my heart but i need to tell you that dharma is a dog, ok?

humans become confused, dharma thought, because they have a desire to learn and grow. it's part of their design. they focus so much on the learning and growing that they forget the art of being. they focus so much on striving against one another that they forget they were made for loving one another. humans were made to learn and grow. dogs were made to just be. but both were made to love unconditionally. from dharma's point of view, people would be a lot better off if they learned to just be and to focus on loving unconditionally. humans needed to simplify things and stop making everything so complicated.

wow! what does that say to you?

i know what it says me!

right now, i am learning the art of being. there are things going on around me that are so far out of my control that i have no choice but to just be.

it's not an easy task, gentle readers, it really isn't.

i am a self proclaimed control freak.

and i freak out when i don't have control.

yes, i know...it's something i am working on...diligently!

so right now...i sit at my kitchen table and write this post and i watch the rain shower our yard and landscape with much needed moisture.

and i am reveling in the quiet and the peace.

the leaves on the tress outside my window are gathering rain drops.

i am capturing these rain drops and holding them in my heavy heart today.

i will let the rain nurture my soul today and relinquish my control and

just be.

please keep gbr in your prayers. i know i have not mentioned him recently but he is never far from my family's thoughts and prayers. i believe he has received the initial surgeries to his arms and leg and now we are waiting for restoration of brain function and improvement of responses to command so that he can be moved to shepherd in atlanta. i won't lie to you, gentle readers, today...today was a hard one for me and i had a few melt downs along the way but i do understand there is a greater master plan out there and what will happen is meant to be.

i am grateful:

  • for the health of my family and friends
  • for the lady that held the door today
  • for the awesome work in fixing our trailer at big rig
  • to be able to go in out of the rain
  • for my support system

just breathing isn't living!


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