let's all be more dog like, ok?
another little tid bit...

sister loves to supervise!

some of you may have seen this already on facebook...but i had to do a quick post about it tonight...

thursday mornings are coaching calls here at casa de koca for kiroman...he works with dr david jackson...epic practice

if you are a chiropractor then you have most likely heard of big wave dave and if you are a chiropractor in nebraska, then you have probably heard him speak at our epoc events...he is mr october, after all :)

that means he speaks for us every october!

so anywhoo...kiroman was up a little bit before me this morning and when i dragged my hiney out and let the doolittles out, he was already in his office preparing for his calls...they start about 7am.

i happened to walk past his office and saw sister lying in the hallway, facing his office. i sneaked off to grab my phone...i was hoping she wouldn't be in a big hurry to move.

i crept behind and squated down to get this shot...hoping the whole time that she wouldn't move.

and guess what...she didn't!!!

Eliza coaching calls
i know...it's a great picture of her hiney but it was the only way i could get both of them in the shot.

so...ya get what ya get, ya know?

i am grateful:

  • for a most awesome dentist!
  • for hat and pony tail days
  • for sticky notes
  • for caller id
  • for the remote locks on my vehicles

just breathing isn't living!


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