another little tid bit...
five minute friday: risk

sleeping alone...

when you have been married for almost 27 years...

is really weird.

that was my first thought when my alarm went off this morning.

i have this king size bed to myself and when i woke, i was still on "my side". the covers on kiroman's side were not even disturbed.

i have the opportunity to use the whole bed, gentle readers!

but i am so used to kiroman being there that i didn't.

once i was awake enough to gain my bearings, i did slide my legs over to the "cold spot".

and that was cool...literally...

missing kiroman, not so cool :(

but on a happier note:

teen ager and i had a mini spa day and did nails and pedicures. i was boring and had just the plain ol' pedicure with sea salt scrub but teen ager...she just had to try out the jell-o pedicure!

Jello footbath

i am grateful:

  • for a lazy day
  • for gps guidance
  • for the "spa" time today
  • for the eagles and double eagle the boys experienced on the golf course today :)
  • for elevators

just breathing isn't living!


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