here i sit...
"just" another wednesday, folks

how we do it...

twice in the last 3 days, i have had someone ask me how kiroman and i do it.

and i don't mean do it, i mean travel through life, both personal and professional.

we have dated for 27.5 years and this december, we will be married 27 years.

that's full break ups, no moving out, no giving up...full on 27 years.

i mentioned yesterday that we look at time together as quality time over quantity time.

don't get me wrong...we love to have to lots of quantities of quality time!

but we also know that it isn't always like that, ya know?

sometimes he is on the road and sometimes i am on the road.

but mostly, we are home together.

through the wonders of technology, we are able to stay in touch through out the day...whether we are both home or one of us on the road.

so it isn't like we don't have opportunities to connect.

when we met, kiroman was going to undergrad, we were engaged and then he moved to chiropractic college waaaaaaaaaay across another state! I stayed "home" as my parents were vehemently against me living with kiroman if we were not married.

he was away at school for a whole quarter! we talked every single day [ my parents joked that the wedding was going to be cheaper than my long distance phone bill ] and wrote letters every single day.

seriously! we stayed connected! he came home on the weekends, i went there for the weekends and some weekends we didn't see each other. but we were always phone and by mail.

i think unconsciously, we learned quality over quantity then...before we were ever married.

but don't get me wrong...we do have arguments and "falling outs" so to speak. i can throw one hell of a hissy fit and well, he can, too. i will also say though, those rarely happen.

as for how we do it? i'm not really sure how to explain it. we just do it...

it comes down to the love and respect we have for one another. neither one of us go out of our way to push the buttons of the other...more than anything, we go out of our way to make life easier and more enjoyable for the other one.

i saw this on facebook the other day and i posted it to kiroman's wall so some of you may have already seen it but i wanted to include it on this post.

because good relationships do not just happen! it does take cognitive work...there is no just getting by. you have to actually think about someone else besides your own wants and needs.

there really are no words to explain how we do it...we just do it...

i'd like to give a shout out to my would have been their 47th [ wow ] wedding anniversary...and if you don't know, i say would have been because my dad passed away almost 21 years ago. they gave me a great foundation in which to build my future...great role models for sure <3

i am grateful:

  • for nights that turn into mornings
  • for dreams that turn into reality
  • for likes that turn into love
  • for a great convo on the phone tonight with my absolute bestie 
  • for the anticipation of the most awesome weekend

ps - some of you may have seen those first few gratitudes on a quote block on i took the liberty of using them tonight :)

just breathing isn't living!


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