hang in a little longer...


i am not a hater.

i really am not.

there are people i dislike, i won't lie.

there are people i would rather not associate with, i won't lie.

there are people i wish i had never met, i won't lie.

there are people that disappoint me, i won't lie.

but hating people?

nope, not me.

i won't lie, there was a time in which i did hate some people.

i associated them with the death of my father.

i am firm believer in that stress attacks the weakest part of your body and these people put undue stress on my dad...which is a story i am not willing to share with you on this day, gentle reader.

but i learned to forgive them over time.

and i have learned to become more tolerant of the behavior of others.

i do not go out of my way to make it difficult for anyone. i really don't.

i don't go out of my way point my finger at anyone, ya know?

i say live and let live...as long as the way you are living doesn't present a danger to anyone else...like drinking under the influence or driving dangerously or something like that.

i do have opinions and i am rather out spoken in my opinions. and i will not apologize for that.

you will not see me sitting on a fence...unless i am at the ranch or a horse show...and then i really will be sitting on a fence! a real fence, not a metaphorical one!

if you ask for my opinion or my advice, i will give it to you. i will not tell you what you want to hear...i will give you my opinion. it's up to you to take it or leave it.

i have told more than one person, do not ask the question if you do not want to hear the answer! because my answer will be truthful.

through the wonders of the internets [ facebook included ] i have found that i do, in fact, have haters.

it's like my own little fan club of "let's hate trophy wife [ or kirowyf ]"

it's a fan club i would rather not have, that's for sure!

often times i wonder how it ever happened and then one word pops into mind:


such a vicious word and feeling and attitude.

i can't recall a time in my life when i was jealous of anyone.

i might have wished i had a smaller nose but i didn't hate anyone who had a better nose than mine.

i might have wished for a cooler car but i didn't hate anyone that drove a cooler car than me.

i might have wished for my dad to still be here but i didn't hate anyone whose dad was still alive.

i might have wished that my dog hadn't been hit by a car but i didn't have anyone who still had a dog.

i might have wished for a bigger house but i didn't hate anyone that did have a bigger house.

i might have wished for a vacation home but i didn't hate anyone that did have a vacation home.

i might have wished for a baby sooner but i didn't hate anyone that already had a baby.

instead of being jealous, i went out and worked hard for what i wanted. i put the time in. i put the effort in. i realized that some of these goals would not be achieved over night. that some of these goals would, in fact, take years to realize.

nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. and anyone that thinks otherwise, is not very wise.

some people do not understand the word


sometimes sacrifices need to be made in order to realize your goal...a great point is the fact that teenager went to the ranch early to ride...prior to the world show [ and yes, i am still working on that post! ] and i did go to fort worth early to spend time with teen ager prior to the world show. and yes, kiroman was not able to be there the whole entire time. it was a sacrifice for our family to be split up for those 3 weeks because teen ager had a goal she was working towards. and kiroman and myself were going to do whatever it took to help realize her dream. and that meant he and i spent some time apart. *gasp* but guess what, we are independent adults that know how to continue on for the greater good of our daughter! and did she appreciate our sacrifice for her? damn straight she did...because we raised one hell of child!

i want you all to experience the level of success you are searching for. i really do. i don't hate you for it. i am not jealous of it.

but you know what? the haters will never believe that.

so guess what?

Be patient haters
i am grateful:

  • for a response from a chiropractor in memphis
  • for clean pool chairs
  • for finally getting the kitchen squared away today
  • for the unconditional love of the doolittles
  • front door dry cleaning delivery

just breathing isn't living!


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