hot hot hot!!!

gentle reader, if you are outside our corner of the country, you may or may not know that we are experiencing a huge heat wave and drought.

today marked the 6th day this summer that we have reached a temperature over 100 degrees...i think it marked the 23rd day of being at least in the very high 90's.

we haven't had a summer like this in a very very very long time.

we have a ginormous yard...i'm talking 3 i'm talking...we don't water. we let it go dormant when the rain stops.

i hate the way it looks.

brother hates the way it feels...he hates to go out and potty when it's raining...he doesn't like to get his feet wet! and now, apparently, he hates when the grass is too dry! i literally have to beg him to walk into the yard! silly boy!

so we spent a fabulous weekend at magic lake.

we had our west coast nebraska friends out...i totally realized that we have not spent enough time together...we aren't going to let that happen again...for realz!

it was like 105+ both days and we spent it totally on the water...all day, both days.

one of my favorite places to be...on the water...i think i may have been a mermaid in a past life...seriously!!!

the guys did some wake boarding...i did a little knee boarding [ including some 360s and riding it backwards but i'm a dare devil that way ;) ] and then us girls all gave it a whirl on the wake board.

i went first ...i tried my butt off but didn't get up...bummer!

teen ager went next...and she was up on the first go! how awesome is that? pretty dang awesome! but then subsequent tries were not as successful.

megan went next and she had the same luck that i had...not that good :(

we smoked some awesome chops...that seems to be the theme of saturday night dinners at magic lake this year :) and then went  back on the water with hee haw [ the pontoon boat ].

and that's where we enjoyed some air guitar and interpretive dancing!

even though i give kiroman a hard time for wanting hee haw, there is no way you can enjoy air guitar and interpretive dancing on the ski boat...just not enough room!

oh ya, the wine bar was totally and fully stocked, too!

we stayed up late, making s'mores and talking and laughing and solving the world's problems until the wee hours of the morning and then headed for bed.

8am came way too early! that was the time we decided to get our hineys outta bed to hit the wake board scene...

but that didn't happen.

instead, we sat on the deck, enjoyed the awesome company and plotted the morning...which included but was not limited to: filling up the boats and getting more fuel :)

then, we set out on the water to wake board...the guys are pretty dang good...they jump wakes, they switch feet...they can just plain ass get up on the board!

megan was the first girl to try it again...she did better than saturday but still didn't get up...i went next and was finally able to get up but i have a mental issue with getting the board turned correctly...something to work on...i did go for a little bit but couldn't get my weight balanced out fast enough :( then teen ager tried again...she was much better saturday...but she will give it another go...megan went again later in the afternoon but teen ager and i skipped arms were plum tuckered out!

all too soon it was time to call the weekend a success and start packing up :(

this is what the jeep said the temp was on the way home from magic lake at 6:30pm:

Outside temp
and this is what our thermostat said when we got home:

gentle reader, that means that the ac at our house went kaput at some point over the weekend!

not a fun thing to come home to after spending the entire day in the 109* day!!!

so we made a few calls and no one was going to be able to come out to fix it that night...we have a home warranty but there were 4 people ahead of us and they don't work on ac units after dark...and i don't blame them at all!!!

so i got on the phone first thing this morning and found out the home warranty people couldn't get to us until wednesday! so i took that appointment and kept calling...the very next place i called was able to send someone out between 12 and 2 today! and he actually was able to come earlier! so he was here by 10:15am and by 1:15pm our ac was efficiently cooling once again!

now, i am going to be totally honest with y'all...we have cotton wood trees in our neighborhood and we were not very efficient in having our unit serviced properly. the cause of the demise was lack of proper care...and the coil was totally smothered in cotton wood stuff. that caused the something to not get enough air supply which then caused the something to shut the breaker off in order to save the rest of the unit...hallelujah!!! i am proud to say that we have signed up for a maintenance plan in which our ac and furnace will be serviced once a year...and hopefully we will ward off this nasty scene in the future!

if you are not getting your spine checked regularly by a chiropractor, you are playing with fire, gentle reader! one of these days, you are going to experience some sort of health emergency because you did not properly "service" your spine! make sure you are seeing your chiropractor!!! i don't want you to be without ac in the future!!!

i am grateful:

  • for awesome hvac techs
  • for fans
  • for a basement that keeps a pretty solid 72* no matter what!
  • for having the pool to cool off in when the ac goes kaput
  • for an awesome husband that felt bad and wanted to take care of the ac issue for me while he was at work!

just breathing isn't living!


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