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gentle reader, if you are outside our corner of the country, you may or may not know that we are experiencing a huge heat wave and drought. today marked the 6th day this summer that we have reached a temperature over 100 degrees...i think it marked the 23rd day of being at least in the very high 90's. we haven't... Read more →

kinda over it. it seems we have experienced a lot of this recently and i don't understand...i really and truly don't. to me, it's pretty simple: your behavior dictates your consequences. and consequences can be good and they can be bad. most people think of consequence as only a bad thing. i don't subscribe to that notion. as described by... Read more →

i love being on the water. whether it be on a boat or a float...i love being on the water. we've owned water craft for eons...seriously... and, knock on wood, we've not experienced an accident on the water. not a little one, not a big one. today, we witnessed a rather big one. and i was sad. and i was... Read more →