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kinda over it.

it seems we have experienced a lot of this recently and i don't understand...i really and truly don't.

to me, it's pretty simple:

your behavior dictates your consequences.

and consequences can be good and they can be bad.

most people think of consequence as only a bad thing.

i don't subscribe to that notion.

as described by dictionary.com:


[kon-si-kwens, -kwuhns]
1. the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier: The accident was the consequence of reckless driving.
2. an act or instance of following something as an effect, result, or outcome.
3. the conclusion reached by a line of reasoning; inference.
4. importance or significance: a matter of no consequence.
5. importance in rank or position; distinction: a man of great consequence in art.

as you can see, there is nothing in the definition that makes consequence negative, it's all in how you use the word!

so here's the deal, you don't like the consequences you are receiving? change your behavior.

pretty simple and straight forward, right?

apparently not!

lately, there has been a tsunami of people thinking that they are unfairly experiencing negative consequences.

i believe they fail to look at their own actions!

case in point:

a week ago monday, teen ager was sitting in her car. which was parked. on a neighborhood street. another car zooms past her, pulls into a drive way, drops some kids off and backs out of the drive way. right square into teen ager's driver door. teen ager calls me right away and i head into the city to see what's what.

in the mean time, i tell teen ager to make sure the parents of the other girl do not leave until I get there.

I made the decision to not call the police [ which was not a smart decision on my part and we are suffering a negative consequence because of that decision ] and we got a copy of the driver's insurance card with her phone number and the phone numbers of both her mom and dad.

teen ager's door is crunched pretty good...the driver door, the door handle and the back seat door all are in need of repair.

the parents of the other driver asked if they could pay the repair out of pocket, rather than use their insurance company...this is their 4th of 4 kids was their reasoning.

i was fine with that, at this point

so the next day, teen ager and i headed to a local body shop to get a good faith estimate to give to these people...because we would be having my lil bro do the repair work.

i called the dad of the other driver with the estimate amount, he felt it was too high and asked me to go to another shop.

i growled about it but we did and that shop was $46 higher than the first one!

i called him back and explained to him that the cost of the door itself was a thousand dollars!

i faxed him the estimates the next day and he said he would drop a check in the mail to me on thursday.

a check that i did not receive in the mail by tuesday so i called to let him know the check still had not arrived so he said he would stop payment on that check and drop one off at kiroworld on his way home from work.

he did drop the check off...in an envelope that he had attempted to mail to me but he forgot to put a stamp on it...so it was returned to him, which was why i never got it!

i opened the envelope, checked the amount and noted where he banked so i could cash it first thing wednesday morning.

so wednesday, i pull into the parking lot of his bank, pull the check out and look at it...he has made it out to me and the cheaper repair shop here in the city! this check is of no value to me at this point and i am not happy.

so i called him and had to leave a message stating that the check was incorrectly made out to me and the repair shop and that i am disturbed by this as we had a conversation as to how the repair was going to be handled. i explained that i would require a check made out to me, in the correct amount by 6pm that night or i was calling his insurance company and we would just take that route.

i waited for a call...6 hours later he called back.

i was in the gym and he didn't leave a message but it showed on my phone as a missed call...i called him back.

he was angry at me!

oh the nerve!

we are the ones that by passed calling the police...which keeps this accident off his daughter's record.

we are the ones that by passed calling his insurance company...which keeps the accident off his daughter's record and keeps their rates lower.

we are the ones having the repair done while we are on vacation...which keeps him from having to pay for a rental car for 10 days.

and he has the audacity to be angry at me?

his daughter was at fault and has caused a disruption in our lifestyle...because of her negligence!

and he is angry at me!

probably not gonna go far with this one, mister!

so i told him...exactly...how this is going to work if he does not want his insurance company involved.

i had a very smart lady tell me that she thought this dude was mistaking my niceness for weakness...well, he found out that i am not so weak!

i had a check that night and i cashed it this morning...

although, the estimates both state that it is only an estimate and there could be more costs involved in repairing the vehicle to pre-accident condition...on his check, he wrote that it was full and final payment...what a douche...

so i am telling you, gentle reader, here i am trying to be a nice person and do what i can to help this guy out and he's a jerk all the way around...makes me want to call his insurance company and the police and forget the whole being nice thing!

why? because his behavior dictates his consequence...this time it could be negative!

i do have second case in point but i hesitate to share.

there is an ongoing situation that i describe as ridiculous. i think the most i will say is that i am really tired of people calling foul when they fail to look at their own behaviors. when your exhibit poor behavior, you will experience negative consequences. but quit putting the blame elsewhere. grow up and take responsibility for what you do. kiroman and i have talked at great length with quite a few of our chiropractic mentors about this situation...pretty much the same advice comes back to us: these people are not very mature in their actions and are jealous of what kiroman and i are able to achieve. i tend to agree with them. and it's really too bad. i'd rather they concentrate on becoming a better version of themselves than pointing fingers but i guess that comes with maturity, right?

now that i have that off my chest...

Blaike and Banks horse show cropped
i've been looking for this pic forever! i never did find it but teen ager recently posted it on her facebook wall so i snagged it. gbr is hanging in there, gentle reader. he has been moved to an extended care hospital in hopes that his motor skills continue to improve so that he can move to atlanta. he is improving daily and that is so heart lifting...he and his family are still in need of your prayers. he is one strong guy and i know we will see him back in the saddle again!

i am grateful:

  • for air conditioning
  • for my gym work outs
  • for great authors
  • for great mentors with great advice
  • for true friends

just breathing isn't living!


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