let's get started,
life is not easy...

riddle me this...

the root of all evil is...

did you answer:


if so, do you understand that nothing could be more wrong?

before there was money or even bartering systems, there was plenty evil to go around!

it's true!

neither money nor greed will destroy humanity and they definitely will not ruin the life of a single individual. those are merely the symptoms of the true disease that can rot you from the inside out.


that is the deadliest of all things.

think about it:

envy is what motivated the very first crime known to mankind, when brother struck down brother and left him dead for no reason other than the fact that he thought his brother was more favored.

envy comes from the latin word invidi, meaning to cause resentment or to calculate ill will toward another.

envy is that inability to feel happiness at someone else's good fortune or to wish them well even though they deserve it. it's when you begrudge someone their moment in the sun or just the fact that they have a life that you think is better or easier than yours.

we all have our share of pains and sorrows. embarrassments and things that haunt us. from that, no one is ever immune, no matter how good or perfect a life you think they live. shame and hurt spare no one.

it's easy to fall into envy's grasp and to let that hatred and bitterness destroy your own happiness.

the above comes from a book i am currently reading:

i get to this part and i read it. and i read it again. and i read one more time. then again.

wow...pretty powerful message here.

i know...it's just a novel, right?

right...something to read for pure enjoyment.

but not totally...

i mean...look at that passage again!

i think there is something to that, don't you?

i will tell you, i have never envied anyone of anything ever.

it's not in my dna.

i don't even know how to be envious, i really don't.

if anything, kiroman, teen ager and i go above and beyond to help others achieve what they are looking for in life.

we are supporters...as long as your intent is good and true and your methods are morally and ethically correct...we are behind you 100% and then some!

even as a child, growing up like all my friends were growing up...we didn't have a lot but i never envied anyone else what they had or how they lived.

i have always been quite content with what i have. always.

i can't wait to tell you the story of a friend of ours in cabo...his story brings a whole new meaning to the word contentment but that's for another day.

for today, i'd like you to re-read that beginning passage. and i mean, really read it. absorb the words. absorb the meaning.

and maybe understand that even though you may be reading for the pure entertainment factor, there is always something to be learned...always.

one of the greatest philosophy stories ever told:

was a novel and look how much there is to learn in that one book alone!!!!

knowledge is a mindset...you can learn anywhere...business trip, amusement park, mall, chiropractor's office...even the internets!!!

the catch is, you have to be looking for the knowledge and open to receiving the knowledge!

on a different note:

gbr has been transported to shepherds in atlanta!!! he made the trip this past week. how awesome is that? his sister posted a picture of the two of them before he was moved. it was the first post accident picture posted. and it warmed my heart to see him hugging his beautiful sister. keep those prayers going...he has some real work ahead of him now! they will be doing some serious therapy now!!!!

i am grateful:

  • for the rain we have experienced this past week
  • for the easy transfer of phone information for teen ager
  • for the safe travels of kiroman today
  • for the awesome epic accelerators that made the commitment this weekend
  • the awesome community of epic practice!

just breathing isn't living!


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