the story of jenna talya
doctored AGAIN!

you know you've raised an awesome kid when...

holy cow, gentle reader! i am so freaking excited to share this story with you...

kiroman and i are blessed to have one of the most awesome kids ever!!!

and i mean ever!

if you know teen ager, you know that she lives very strictly by her moral/ethical code. her standards are supreme.

there are no contradictions in her life.

in her eyes, what is right, is right and what is wrong, is wrong.

teen ager is very proud to tell you that she is almost 20 years old, lives in the dorm at college and has never drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes, experimented with any type of "recreational drug" or had sex.

she is super proud of that.

and it's not always easy for her...there are times she finds herself hanging out at her dorm by herself because every one else is out partying. there are times she is hanging out with me and kiroman because every one else is out partying.

i know it's not easy for her.

kiroman and i tell her all the time that even though it sucks right now, later in life she is going to be so grateful for the right decisions she is making now.

rather than live in the moment today and pay the consequences later, she is choosing her path wisely.

she is so far ahead of so many kids her age.

recently she had the opportunity to meet a rapper guy that was in town. [ he shall remain nameless here ].

it was one of those through a friend kinda deals.

she got the call really really, as a mom, i'm saying she should have been in bed, fast asleep, late!

like any teen ager, she couldn't pass up the opportunity so she and two of her room mates headed out...

at 3am!

yes, you read that right!!! 3am.

but i also understand that college kids will be college kids and even though she knew she had to be up at 7am for class, she still went, had the life experience and was in class on time!!!

turns out the rapper dude was a so many of those kind can be...they reach a modicum of fame and they are way too cool for school, ya know?

well, rapper dude asks the girls if they want some molly [ some kind of code word for ecstasy ] and when they said no, rapper dude got all ticked off, yelling, punching the walls of his tour bus and told the girls if they weren't down to fornicate [ that wasn't the word he used ] then they could leave.

so teen ager got up and left, telling rapper dude, "ha, nice fit, dude."

she told me she'd rather leave with her dignity than with an std.

all i'm going to say: how many girls her age, do you know, gentle reader, that would have given into the peer pressure, taken the ecstasy, slept with the rapper dude, just to tell her friends that she did? because he's famous...

i can't give you an absolute number but i will tell you that number is higher than you think.

i am so stinking proud of her, her moral code, her core values, her ethics!!!

this young lady is going places, mark my words!!!

because she is lovely, just the way that she is!!!

i am grateful:

  • for the awesome young lady that is our daughter
  • for a nice chat with my mom today
  • for my sun roof
  • for the electric garage door opener
  • kiroman fed ponies tonight

just breathing isn't living!


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