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for today! for realz! jeesh! first, i know i hit snooze twice for sure...but apparently, i hit snooze way more than that! because i overslept by 90 minutes today! yikes! not too big of a deal, though...i still had plenty of time to let doolittles out, have breakfast, brush my teeth [ and my hair ], put on work out... Read more →

foggy. this was the view from our front yard this past saturday morning. i had returned home from taking dr david moore and janine to the airport. and as i looked out over the neighborhood, i realized that there are days like this in our lives. days where we can't see clearly. days that we muddle through blindly. we muster... Read more →

that's what you find when you download your camera card! i had no idea it had been since the beginning of august since i had downloaded from my every day camera! until i plugged that card reader in this morning! what a surprise!!! this was the view out one of the kitchen windows early in august. i know it's not... Read more →

many of you have asked, gentle reader. so i am answering. you have asked why is it that kiroman travels the nation [ and canada ], spreading his message of chiropractic. you have asked why, time and time again, he takes time away from his family, time away from his practice and dollars out of his pocket. you have wondered... Read more →

this is what i am reading right now. and soon, gentle reader, you will be reading it, too! i promise. brene brown is freaking awesome...check her out if you don't believe me. i've had this book in my que for a while now. i had a few others that i wanted to read "just for fun" and this afternoon, after... Read more →

we have been doing this for awhile. teleseminars. pretty cool and forward thinking, right? right! here's the scoop: you can sign up for free! you don't have to be a current practice member of kiroworld. you don't even have to be contemplating being a practice member [ although i don't know why you wouldn't ]. you sign up for free!... Read more →

in a few minutes i am headed to the airport to pick up kiroman. he is headed home from a whirl wind trip of spizzing chiropractic in canada. last weekend he was in san diego spizzing chiropractic for children. i miss him when he is gone but i know he is out there doing wonderful things for the i... Read more →

oh, gentle reader!!! let me tell you, please never give up and never give in! go! fight! win! kiroman, teenager and i have had this conversation frequently in the last few months. i do believe in karma. i do believe that which you put into the universe will come back to you. that being sad, there have been some things... Read more →