the weekend

productive day!

so last night, kiroman and i were hanging at the lake house.

we did watch the nebraska game [ they beat northwestern by one whole point...i'll get into that a little later in this post, gentle reader ]

then it was time to get some food in our bellies [ nod to fat bastard from austin powers, thank you very much ]

so we headed to the closest bigger city...we figured there had to be something to eat!

well, besides all the regular fast food places...

we did find plenty of chinese buffets [ blech ]

we ended up at a bbq place. [ and this is where i tell you, gentle reader, how much i miss uhlbrich's and their down home cookin' ]

when we walked in, there was a couple waiting to be seated and we were told there was a 15 minute, there were about 8 empty tables...i thought that was kinda crazy, but, hey! i went with it!

so we headed to the bar to get a drink while we waited for a table.

the guy next to us very politely asked if we wanted him to move down so we could have two chairs together at the bar...he was already himself...

we kindly refused his offer and had a little convo with him.

he was in town from new york...working on the nuke plant and was about finished and ready to head back home.

instead of eating alone, we asked him to join us...then our table was ready.

so i headed to our table while kiroman waited for his beverage of choice and continued talking to this gentleman.

kiroman found out this guy absolutely loves chiropractic and sees his chiropractor regularly!

how awesome is that, gentle reader?

he kindly refused our offer to eat with us...he didn't want to disrupt our date! isn't that cute?

i thought so.

our waitress had grumpy pants to start out...that didn't last long with kiroman...he told her to turn her frown upside down...he really did!

and then he proceeded to tell her that he had spent the last 5 days lost in the desert...she didn't buy it...she thought maybe a couple hours, at most... [ truly, i have no idea how he comes up with this stuff! ]

after that, she put her happy pants on and dinner was great.

the food was really good!

so if you are ever in nebraska city, in need of an eating establishment, check out parker's smokehouse - bbq with soul.

after dinner, we headed back to the lake house.

the baylor at ut game was on [ horns win! 56-50 ]...i was texting with my western ne friend and kiroman was dozing.

i got up to get a snack [ because we were chatting about exercise and clean eating and i got hungry! ] and walked past the laundry/furnace room and smelled something very very very hot...i walked to the furnace and heard buzzing rather than the regular hum of the furnace blower.

i quickly woke kiroman. the furnace was very very very hot. the blower was not blowing.

i could see a haze toward the ceiling...hmmm...this is not good, gentle reader!

so we flipped the breaker on the furnace and waited.

for awhile.

then we felt the furnace and it was not as hot. flipped the breaker and still no regular blower sound so the breaker went off again.

we debated staying the night or heading home.

we were going to stay.

then i realized we had not replaced the co2 detector from when we moved everything out for the flood.

then i got a little paranoid about co2.

especially since we really didn't know what was wrong with the furnace.

especially since the furnace got very very very hot.

i was afraid that maybe something might have cracked that could potentially lead to co2 leaking...even though the breaker was flipped and the furnace was not running.

i was all in favor of not waking up dead this morning.

i was pretty sure that teenager didn't want to wake up an orphan this morning.

so at midnight last night, we packed up our stuff and headed home.

i was tired.

kiroman was tired.

kiroman had alcohol.

trophy wife did not.

trophy wife drove home.

trophy wife volunteered to drive home.

kiroman stayed awake to make sure trophy wife stayed awake.

it's been awhile since i've done midnight driving...we haven't had any horse shows lately!

we made it home safe and sound and fell into bed...setting no opportunity clocks!

the doolittles woke us at 7:45!!!

holy cow, batman! we never sleep that late around here!

so now we are up and at 'em.

had a little breakfast, fed the doolittles and the ponies and walked to the bottom of the drive to grab the newspaper [ for the sports page ] and chilled for a minute or two.

then kiroman decided we needed to put on the screen door on the basement door.

[ the glass door had shattered earlier this summer and we hadn't taken the time to hang the new one...although it was waiting for us all summer! but you know how that goes, right? ]

we figured about an hour and we'd be done..., were we ever wrong!

four hours later, we have an awesome door hung!

we ran into a few snags...and that's why i would urge you, gentle reader, to hire professionals!

although the door is awesome and looks great and works like it should...a professional would have been done in a fourth of the time!

by now it's lunchtime!

so after lunch and a little football time, we headed to the barn to strip 3 stalls.

and it's always so much fun scooping horse poop! it's like standing inside a hamster cage to clean...

but we got it done and the ponies sure were happy!

fresh bedding is like having fresh linens on your bed! i love to see the ponies hit the stall, see the brand new shavings, hit the ground and roll...then promptly stand up, walk to the corner and pee.

what is it about fresh shavings that make them do that? it's like running water to humans, i guess!

[ remember that trick when you were potty training your kids? if they didn't pee when you took them to the toilet, you ran the water in the sink??? really? am i the only one that ever did that? no way! :) ]

anyways...we then fixed the door handle on the front screen's been a little wonky but we rarely use that door so it wasn't a huge deal.

then we fixed the hvac vent in the ceiling in the media room. if you watched a movie using the 7.1 surround sound, the vibrations would cause it to fall from the ceiling! luckily, the vent cover was not over a seating spot in the room!

and then we had some dinner and watched the jets vs patriots game.

that went into over time.

and mark sanchez is not a great qb...not that i would be a whole lot better...but for what he gets paid, he should do a better job!

and that, gentle reader, means the jets lost in!

shortly after that, kiroman headed for bed and i'm writing this post and the doolittles are snoring around me!

so...let's get back to the huskers, shall we?

yes! let's!

i like football.

i like watching football.

i do not have a favorite team...not really.

not a favorite college team.

not a favorite pro team.

but if i had to choose, i would choose the longhorns and the jets.

there was a time in which i cheered for whatever team the huskers were playing against...because i was so tired of husker fans.

if the horns win...great! if they lose, oh well. i do not live and die by whether they win or lose.

i know too many people that let their moods be swayed by whether the huskers win or lose.

it's just a game. if you aren't playing it, if you aren't getting paid because of it, if your kid/husband isn't directly involved, it really is just for entertainment purposes.

i know many of you will disagree with me and i'm ok with that!

it's my never to be humble opinion.

but check this out:

Ne flag half mast
we were on the lake the day after the huskers first lost of the year to ucla.

i could not even believe my eyes! a husker flag at half mast because of a loss!

are you serious?

am i really seeing this?

oh, i really saw it...and once again, my disdain for that kind of fan was solidified!

now, don't get me wrong...i'm sure if we lived in austin, i would find the horns fans to just as annoying.

but i don't live there.

plus i prefer the burnt orange over the red any day of the week!

i don't even wear red at christmas's not in my color palette!


i am grateful:

  • to enjoy football but not let it rule my emotions!
  • to have gotten so much done today!
  • for a new, but broken, furnace that is still under warranty!
  • to have the farrier scheduled for this week!
  • for my husband that "gets" me

just breathing isn't living!


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