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be a friend who listens

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for this week!

be a friend who listens. how simple is that? and how important is that?

let me tell you!

i've been on both sides and i'm sure you have, too!

the friend that really needs someone to talk to...someone to hear you out without judging, without criticizing. showing comfort and care and concern.

i know when i am sitting in that chair, i sure do appreciate my go-to people! i know they know how much i appreciate them. i make sure to tell them, out loud, how much i appreciate them.

so, in turn, take the time to be that person that your friend can come to. be that person that your friend can count on to listen to them.

offering advice only when asked [ and sometimes that's really hard but it means so much to your friend ].

this is a difficult season for so many people for so many reasons.

perhaps they don't have the extra money to buy that "special" gift.

perhaps they don't have the extra money to have that really big Christmas dinner.

perhaps they have been recently laid off.

perhaps they have lost a loved one...and gentle reader, this doesn't mean just recently...having lost my father 21 years ago, i can personally tell you that i miss him every single year at Christmas. kiroman listens to me reminisce every single year about Christmases with my dad [ and my whole family ].

perhaps they have lost a family pet. [ it was this time last year that paw paw was struggling and it was the very day after Christmas that we put him to rest...and let me tell you...the days between thanksgiving and Christmas last year were pretty difficult with him and i have re-lived so many of those memories this year ].

perhaps they have moved into a new environment.

there are so many reasons!

if you see a friend that seems to be struggling, do not hesitate to reach out to them!

ask if things are ok.

ask if there is anything you can do to help them out [ within your means and ability, of course].

take a minute to be a friend who listens without expecting anything in return.

be that friend!

i am grateful:

  • for an awesome weekend spent with teenager and kiroman
  • to be getting settled into the new lake house
  • kiroman was home for a full weekend
  • for back to back hockey games and back to back wins
  • we learned yesterday that if you leave the furnace filter door off, the furnace does not run at the lake house and we were able to correct that situation and have heat

just breathing isn't living!


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