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hold the door open for someone

oh, gentle reader, i'm a td bit late this morning and i apologize!

yesterday was my birthday and Christmas celebration with my mom, brothers and their families! it was quite a grand day!

and then teenager stayed with us last night so after kiroman hit the sack, she and i stayed up kinda late, discussing life.

i think we accomplished a lot!

i love that we can have great discussions like that!

so now, on to your


for the week!

hold the door open for someone!!!

i absolutely love having the door held open for me.

call me old fashioned, but i truly do appreciate it! forget women's lib...i embrace my femininity!

Hold-Door1i grabbed this photo off the internet so i have no idea who the young/old ladies are but this photo warms my heart!

teenager never passes up an opportunity to hold a door for our senior citizens...never!

saturday morning i ran a few errands...at one store a man ahead of me, held the door for me...i happily and graciously told him thank you. he rushed to grab the second door for me and i thanked him again in the same manner...he responded to me with thank you!

i'd like to think that small little thank you to him for holding the door will brighten his day as his holding both doors for me did mine!

i am grateful:

  • for the ability to spend the whole day with kiroman, teenager, my mom and her husband, my grandma, my three brothers, their wives and children
  • to celebrate another birthday
  • for the happy birthday wishes i received from friends far and wide
  • for a houseful of loud, happy, celebrating children
  • for doolittles that understand the chaos

just breathing isn't living!


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