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good morning, gentle reader!!! here is your sparkle for this week! we have all been there at some point in time. maybe it was the grocery store. maybe it was the post office. maybe it was the car wash. maybe it was the chiropractor's office. maybe it was the cellular store. maybe it was return line. where ever it might... Read more →

it truly is, gentle reader! twenty-seven years ago tonight, i married my very best friend! i can hardly believe it's been twenty-seven years...until i look at this: december 28, 1985 was soooooo long ago! i can remember like it was yesterday! i remember decorating the hall that morning. i remember getting dressed at the church with my bestie girl... Read more →

to you, gentle reader! and by wishing you a merry Christmas, i mean no disrespect! we celebrate Christmas in our i wish you the merriest of however you celebrate this season! left top: kiroman and teenager sharing a moment before the city's premier showing of doctored left bottom: teenager and trophy wife sharing a moment at the hockey game... Read more →

gentle reader...have you noticed this trend? i can remember years ago, teenager vehemently wanted with the stipulation that she friended me, we let her have it. then she went to high school and can you believe the school administration actually told them to get facebook? they truly did! it blew me away during freshman orientation...their reasoning was so they... Read more →

oh, gentle reader, i'm a td bit late this morning and i apologize! yesterday was my birthday and Christmas celebration with my mom, brothers and their families! it was quite a grand day! and then teenager stayed with us last night so after kiroman hit the sack, she and i stayed up kinda late, discussing life. i think we accomplished... Read more →

i love them! i love the story behind them. i love the color. i love the peppermint taste of them. here is the candy cane story if you are not familiar: a candymaker in indiana wanted to make a candy that would remind people of the true meaning of Christmas; so he made the candy to incorporate several symbols for... Read more →

here is your sparkle for this week! tis the season, right? we are down to the last few shopping days before Christmas! the countdown has begun... gentle reader, many of us will still be hustling and bustling to finish up our shopping. that means passing by many full cart corrals in those parking lots. so why not a grab a... Read more →