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let it snow!

hellooooo, gentle reader!

it's been a pretty crazy much going and so much to be prepared for!

many of you live in or around the city, so you know that it snowed this last week.

and that means snow removal!

and when you live on the top of a hill, in the middle of no where, it means you have lots of snow and lots of drifts and a lot of snow to move off the drive way!

thankfully kiroman is off on thursdays.

he got to spend his day digging us out! the drive is long. the drive is winding. the drive is a pain in the rear when we get a storm like this last one! the driveway drifts. a lot.

i did help out.

i grabbed the shovel and shoveled what i the door to the barn, the know, the heavy lifting part...hahahaha...

after a few hours, a few gallons of fuel, we were dug out...yippee!!!!

so off to work kiroman went on friday morning!

and saturday morning.

and then saturday afternoon, we trekked to magic lake so he could remove the snow from the driveway there...i did my usual heavy lifting by hand scooping the steps and the breeze way!

yep! i'm cool like that!

Dual homes
sooo...with the ownership of two homes, comes the responsibility of snow removal at two the little lake house, we didn't bother with snow removal as it really wasn't a place to hang out during the winter...we made bi-weekly trips to check to make sure everthing was copacetic.

but the new house? we're going to be out there a lot during the winter...we are already planning the ice skating party for january!

the top photo is the lake house and the bottom photo is the other place. luckily, kiroman did not need the tractor at the lake! that would be a pain to transport... the snow blower was happy to jump in the back of the truck!

and with that, gentle reader, i am dubbing Christmas from last year onto dvd's so we have room for Christmas this year on the camcorder!

we've had one Christmas celebration with kiroman's mom, tomorrow is another celebration with my mom, brothers, sisters in law and niece/nephews and grandma and one more celebration to come with kiroman's dad!

i'm excited...let the festivities continue!!!

i am grateful:

  • to have all gifts purchased and wrapped
  • kiroman is so handy at moving snow out of the way
  • teenager is home tonight
  • for the instruction book to the camcorder dvd burner
  • my fridge and pantry are full of food goodness for tomorrow!

just breathing isn't living!


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