times like these...
black bean corn salsa

return your shopping cart!!!

here is your


for this week!

tis the season, right?

we are down to the last few shopping days before Christmas!

the countdown has begun...

gentle reader, many of us will still be hustling and bustling to finish up our shopping.

that means passing by many full cart corrals in those parking lots.

so why not a grab a cart on your way in?

you're going in, the cart needs to go in so why not grab it on your way?

Shopping carts
i'll be honest here, gentle reader, i rarely grab a cart from the corral when i am going in...i guess i always thought of it as job security for the cart guy, right?


starting today that is a-changing!

from today forward, i will be grabbing a cart from that ol' corral on my way in!

how 'bout you?

i am grateful:

  • for spending a cool weekend with my family
  • for the awesome rak's teenager passes along during her day
  • to have an awesome relationship with teenager, where we can talk about anything
  • for the opportunity to spend some time with an awesome chiropractor from north dakota
  • for another wonderful gathering of like minded, awesome chiropractors and staff at epoc this past thursday!

just breathing isn't living!


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