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thanksgiving recap

warning, will rogers, warning!!!

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this post is going to be heavily loaded with photos.

1teen ager hanging out with her cousin, after dinner. i think teenager is on her phone and cousin is on her parent's phone.

1here you will see kiroman attempting to share his scotch with my middle little bro. apparently little bro is not too excited about the idea...we all know that scotch is an acquired taste!

1father-in-law is taking a post turkey dinner snooze with one of the lions.

1this is my youngest little bro...thinking kiroman and middle little bro are a tad bit crazy. obviously the lion is not going to be left out of the picture!

1stepdad is taking his post turkey dinner siesta and missing out on the scotch!

1kiroman and little bro are solving the world problems.

1little bro has given kiroman something to think about.

1now they are both pondering...kiroman really isn't picking his nose, i promise!

1i truly have no idea what is going on here...perhaps kiroman has a super secret spy watch attached to his forearm!

1teenager, cousin and lancer player...i'm so funny that i brought him to tears...hahahahaha!

1teenager, cousin and lancer player, still can't get over my hilariousness! who can blame him?

1trophy mom on the left [ i call her that because she taught me how to be a trophy wife ] with mother-in-law...doing up the dishes from our thanksgiving feast. and no! i don't feel bad that they are doing dishes while i am snapping pictures! i did 97.5% of the cooking!!! in my dreams, cookers relax and eaters clean up! hahahahahaha!

1teenager, cousin and lancer player giving a go at tiddlywinks...it took longer to set up the game than to actually play it!

1lancer player is with middle little bro's son.

1teenager with her cousins and lancer player. check out that crazy kid on the left, in red! he's sideways!

1middle little bro's son's football with lancer player autograph. yes, we all know that hockey is played with a puck and not a football but we didn't have any pucks available and nephew had his football with him...better than nothing, right?

not pictured? me, my two sisters-in-law, our holiday feast, the marshmallow gun fights and kinect game playing.

a girl can only do so much in one day, gentle reader! i truly wanted to be in the moment for most of the day. and it's hard to do that when you are snapping away. however, looking back on the few photos i have of this special day, i truly wish i had spent a little more time behind the lens!

so...we had enough food to feed all that were present [ all 16 of us ] plus enough to take two plates home for those that couldn't be with us, plus everyone took leftovers home, too!

i love cooking for a crowd! my kitchen was built for family festivities like this! and this year [ for the very first time ] we had real linen table cloths and napkins on all three tables! i've never done that before because it was something else that was going to have to washed, dried, folded and stored. but i liked it and i'm going to continue that new tradition!

i found marshmallow shooting guns at a store and had to pick up a pair. originally there were to go to magic lake...i figure a marshmallow fight on the lake, between pontoon boats will be as much fun as the water balloon vs jello shot fights were last summer! but shhhh...it's a secret and i don't want anyone to know!

well, the kids were getting way too caught up on video games and i thought they should go outside and enjoy the awesome weather so i got out the guns and grabbed a bag of marshmallows and away we went!

kiroman and i had the first shots then we quickly gave way to the kids...i'm still finding marshmallows in the yard! now, that's fun!

dinner was at 1 and everyone had left by 6 or 6:30...we watched the movie savages...because i can't turn down a john travolta movie...he's had my attention since welcome back, kotter when he was barbarino! the movie was pretty twisted and a little gory but classic oliver stone. definitely changed my mind on wanting to be nancy botwin for sure ;)

i truly hope you had a fabulous holiday with family/friends, gentle reader! and know that you ever find yourself alone, you have an open invitation to join us...if you think you can hang with the craziness that abounds in our house!!!!

i am grateful:

  • for the congruences in my life
  • to be able to spend thanksgiving with so many of my family
  • for the happiness that surrounds and encapsulates me
  • for the convenience of electric garage door openers [ random i know ]
  • for experiencing the awesome benefits of chiropractic

just breathing isn't living!


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