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the r bomb versus the f bomb

R word
this was a facebook status teenager posted earlier today.

she had been thinking about it last night but then a tweet from another friend prompted her to post.

his tweet was prefaced with knowing what he was about to say was mean but he posted anyway. his tweet was that "special needs" people shouldn't do pda in the hallways of school.

this lit up teenager as she has a few friends that are challenged in some way.

she chose to text her friend and let him know how it offended her that he would place them in such a category. and that they are people and pda of any kind, by any one is disgusting.

they did have a very civil conversation and he did say he should have thought more about what he was saying.

the whole thing ended well, i'd say.

i'm proud of teenager for standing up for what she believes in!

we have a family friend that is challenged and he was able to perform in the play "it's our school, too". it was awesome to have the opportunity to see him perform in it twice!

and gentle reader, if you have the chance to see this production, please make the time. once you see public school from their point of view, you will want to march into your own child's school to make sure  these horrible situations are not happening!

and once you take the pledge to spread the word to end the will never be able to hear the r bomb again without cringing.

i used to be one of those people that used the r bomb in conversation. not in a demeaning or offensive way to any particular person but in actions.

you know what i'm talking about, i'm sure.

and now, i don't say it and when someone around me does, i gently explain to them why i find that word offensive.

so, i totally agree with teenager...when using the f bomb, you aren't offending by degrading people. granted, it's not a nice word but neither is the r bomb.

there was a time in history in which "retarded" was a medical classification.

it's not anymore.

i'm not sure that "f*ck" has ever been a medical classification.

i'm sure the f bomb has been used to degrade people but not in the same way the r bomb has.

if you know me, then you already know that the f bomb is one of my favorite words. it's a noun. it's a verb. it's an adjective. there are some situations that beg for the use of the word and once it leaves your lips, a calm peace envelopes you...

well, maybe that's just me but i know it's not...i know a few other people that feel the same way.

but i also know when and where to use to my adult verbiage. the last thing i want to hear is a bunch of junior high kids dropping the f bomb at the mall, that's for sure.

and well, if you didn't know that about me before, you sure do know.

but back to the title of this post: i'd truly rather hear the f bomb being bantered around than the r bomb.

check out this awesome site for more info on spreading the word to end the word HERE.

teenager, i am super proud of you for standing up for your beliefs and for standing up for your friends to your friends!!! you are absolutely brilliant and i love you! ♥♥♥

i am grateful:

  • to have such a wonderful daughter
  • to have a daughter brave enough to stand up to others
  • to have a daughter with strong beliefs
  • to have a daughter that cares so deeply
  • to have a daughter that is so passionate

just breathing isn't living!


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