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times like these...

it's times like these you learn to live again

it's times like these you give and give again

it's time like these you learn to love again

it's times like these time and time again.

- times like these by the foo fighters


gentle reader, i will tell you that i have not felt this kind of devastation since 9-11.

but these lyrics came to mind as soon as i heard of the newtown, ct tragedy.

i cannot begin to fathom the heart break these families are dealing with tonight. it's unconscionable that any parent would have to face this situation.

i know i hugged teenager a little tighter and a little longer tonight, after dinner...[ she joined us for dinner with our kiroguest and then headed back to the dorm to hit the sack...she has to be up at 6am to get ready for her j o b ].

i spent way too much time in front of the tv this afternoon. but i couldn't tear myself away from it.

it's been a long time since i have shed tears like i did today.

probably about a year...

gentle reader, you remember the stories i shared of paw paw last year...and we put him to rest the day after christmas. my heart was broken that day.

but i know paw paw had an incredibly long, happy and mostly healthy life with us.

those children that were taken today were babies. they had their entire lives ahead of them. the only crime they committed? going to school. that's it. and now they have been robbed. their parents, grandparents and friends have been robbed. the whole world has been robbed.

and why?

there is not one good reason. not a single one!

gentle reader, if we are not friends on facebook, then you have not seen the status i posted earlier today. i'm not re-posting it here but will write it similarly.

in my never to humble opinion:

it was not a gun that took those children's lives today. it was the young man that carried the gun, aimed the gun and pulled the trigger on that gun. i will also tell you, once the toxicology report is released, you will see some sort of psychotropic drug drug or drugs in his system.

for those of you that aren't sure what that is, let me explain: ritalin and adderall are prime examples.

they are drugs that used to supposedly aid those diagnosed with add, adhd, etc.

these are class 2 narcotics...they  must be locked up at the pharmacy.

they cause, frank, psychotic episodes.

i'd say this was one hell of a frank, psychotic episode.

gentle reader, please connect the dots. in every single mass shooting that this country has experienced, there was one very common denominator.

can you guess what it was?

yep...all those shooters were on some type of psychotropic drug. every single one of them.

so who prescribes these drugs? they are the true criminals here. it's time to stop this madness at the source.

it's time to step up and tell the medical doctors, the counselors and teachers no! stop doping our children! stop creating killers of children out of our children!

don't you think it's time?

did you know there are alternatives to these killer drugs?

one of those alternatives is chiropractic!

i'm not lying.

if you have a child on a drug for add or adhd, i double dog dare you to take them to a chiropractor. contact me, i'll find you someone in your don't have to come to kiroworld [ although if you are anywhere close to our city, i have no idea why you wouldn't ].

what do you have to lose? what do you have to gain?

i have heard so many parents say they have their child on ritalin because he gets better grades that way.

gentle reader, i would much rather have a c student than a killer student...what about you?

you think this sounds harsh?

20 kids aren't going to be tucked in by mom and dad tonight. 20 sets of parents are debating if their life is still worth living tonight.

that's something to be upset about. from where will the justice come? how will it be delivered?

my heart is shattered for those 20 babies. my heart is shattered for all of the children that witnessed this tragedy. my heart is shattered for the families involved. my heart is shattered that these children will carry this moment with them for the rest of their lives. my heart is shattered because many of these children will now be prescribed some sort of drug to help them through this tragedy.

my heart is shattered for humankind.

stop the madness now!

think twice, ask questions and do some research before you let your child pop another pill. all of our futures depend upon it.

Fb love you
Fb love you
the kirofamily never passes up an opportunity to let the other person know we love them. on the phone, in the office, at school...where ever we are, we hug and say it when we part never ever effing know when it might be the last chance you ever effing have to say those three little words that mean so very much.

i am grateful:

  • for the safety and well being of teenager
  • i was able to tell teenager how much i love her tonight
  • teenager chose to have dinner with me, kiroman and kiroguest
  • for the opportunity to tell my chiropractic story
  • for the teachers that kept so many of those students safe this morning

just breathing isn't living!


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