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pay it forward

20 years have flown by!

it is so hard to believe it was 20 years ago.

20 years ago that i told kiroman it was time.

20 years ago that i couldn't believe he was taking time to shower and stop for coffee and the newspaper.

20 years ago there was snow and ice on the ground.

20 years ago that, well, never mind! i won't go into detail about the whole process!

20 years ago, co ed was born... [ guess i can't call her teen ager any longer...not sure if co ed is going to stick or if i need to come up with a new plan... ]

Then and now blog
she went from 19.25 inches long to five foot even in 20 years!

she went from 6 lbs 10oz to what she weighs today in 20 years! [ ya, i know that doesn't make a lot of since but i don't think i need to give up her weight on the ol' blog ]

she went from being so completely dependent on her parents for every single need to being so completely independent in 20 years!

however, that does not mean she doesn't need her mama and papa.

check out her post on facebook last night:

  Bck bday

i am so humbled to know that i had some influence in this journey of hers. i am so blessed to be part of it. it has been my greatest pleasure to have been picked to be her mama.

if i had it to do all over again, i wouldn't change one single thing.

i love you THIS much, co ed!

please join me in wishing co ed a very special and happy birthday!!!

i am grateful:

  • for the awesome relationship i have with co ed
  • for the great health co ed has been blessed
  • for the normal-ness that has been our family life
  • we experienced no life altering tragedies with daughter [ i'm just tryin somthin here...not sure i like this either ]
  • for the confidence that daughter wears with pride every single day

just breathing isn't living!


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