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have you ever had one of those days...

a day in the life...

oh, gentle reader, it's been awhile since i have written a day in the life post.

and today is a really great day to do one!

let's start here, shall we?

kiroman is headed to rochester, ny...he's speaking to an epoc group there. his plane leaves at 9am and he has a few coaching calls to take care of before his flight.

kiroman likes to arrive early to the airport...if you aren't early, you're late!

so we decided to leave the house about 6:45am...that means kiroman was up about 6am, let the doolittles out and took to the shower while i lazed in bed until 6:20.

while kiroman was gathering his travel gear, i checked my phone.

i had a few texts from teenager. which in and of itself is really nothing new. i usually wake to a few messages from her sent...sent somewhere between 12:30 and 2:30am...seriously...when does this kid ever sleep!!!

well, the messages i had were pictures...of an ambulance at the dorm and of a kid being wheeled out on a gurney.

at 2:38am.

when normal people are sleeping unless they are third shift workers, that is!

anyway...we hop in the car and head to the airport while kiroman fields a coaching call.

i drop him off at the airport and head back to kirohouse.

once there, i drop a load of yoga pants and thermal shirts into the washer so i have enough for my weekend of world traveling.

then it was time to straighten the kitchen, load the dishwasher, feed the doolittles, straighten my desk area in the kitchen, pay a few bills, write a deposit, let the doolittles out, text with teenager and kiroman, check facebook and instagram.

then it was time to take care of the dreaded errands.

off to the city i headed...but i was smart!

not only did i map out my entire route but what i needed at each and every stop and i wrote it out on paper that i even remembered to take with me!

first stop...a few minutes in the ol' tanning bed.

i know there are few of you out there shaking your head and pointing a finger and judging.

and i'm fine with that and here's why...i see what you have posted on facebook...those pictures of you with a beer in your hand, talking about wanting an alcoholic drink...whatever! we all have our vices and no one can hide from that.

i will tell you that my attitude appreciates a little vitamin d. period. end of story!

next stop was my favorite big box store for shoe polish and water.

the natural pet food store is next...grain free treats for my doolittles and some organic cat food for the hedge hog!

stop at the mail box to mail a few cards that are late!!! so sorry!

a quick trip into kohls to look for black shoes but it was a total bust.

now let's fill up the jeep and get a car wash! yippee!

except the car wash was not working so i headed to another one which is cool because then i could stop at shoe store close by!

and bingo! i found exactly what i was looking for in a pair of black shoes with high enough but not too high of heels!

car wash is done and now let's drive by the bank to make a deposit, shall we?

and a stop by the office to pick up the dress that was delivered for teenager for the formal coming up.

whew! now i can head back home!

where i turned the dryer on for a few more minutes to fluff my yoga pants!

better get a few bales of hay moved into the barn!

ok! now it's time to hop in the shower and wash away the tanning bed smell!

then let's make the bed, fold the laundry and pull out the yoga pants and thermal shirts that will make the trip!

whoops...head back downstairs to scoop litter boxes, sweep the laundry room, re-fill litter boxes, feed the hedge hog!

now it's time to pack up!

once packed, i sat down and caught my breath!

just for a few minutes because now it was time to head to the dorm to pick up teenager!

where she tried on her dress and needs to decide if she is keeping it or not...the dress in real life did not live up to the expectations created from the website :(

once at the airport, we totally camped out and made sure we keep everything charged!

this is our spot, man! we always grab it when we are leaving from this's awesome!'s the trip run down:

  • kiroman left at 9am for rochester, ny today
  • teenager and i left for san francisco this evening
  • kiroman is speaking at epoc tonight and then
  • hopping a plane super early friday morning to fly from rochester, ny to san fran to speak at life west chiropractic college!
  • then saturday kiroman is speaking for liam schubel's event
  • then super early at 5:36am sunday...we are all hoping a plane to head back to kiroland!

whew! that's what i say!

i am grateful:

  • for the safe travels my family has experienced this day
  • for the family dinner we will experience in cali tomorrow night with derrell and lexi
  • for a hubby that has no fear of doing what it takes to get it done
  • to have the best house/critter sitter in the entire world...without jenny, none of this would be possible
  • for no airport delays today!

with much love and gratitude to you, gentle reader, i bid you adieu!

just breathing isn't living!


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