a day in the life...
schubel vision weekend

have you ever had one of those days...

where you were so grateful that you did not have to leave the house?

because you knew if you did leave the house that you would forget your hand bag in the grocery cart but not even realize it until you got to your car and couldn't unlock it [ because my jeep has that keyless entry where you just have to have the key on your person and when you touch the door handle, it automatically unlocks...the key never has to come in contact with the vehicle! ] and when you looked down at the four bags on your arm, you realized that your hand bag isn't even there! so you run frantically back into the store and find your bag is still in the cart and then you frantically search your bag to make sure your wallet, and all its contents, are still there, your sunglasses are still there, your nikon coolpix s01 is still there and so is the check book, mont blanc pen, face powder and lipstick are all still where they are supposed to. then you nonchantly walk back to your car like nothing ever happened and that your heart didn't just jump into your throat 49 seconds ago.

yaaa...that's never happened to me, either. but had i gone to the grocery store late this afternoon, i'm sure that is what would have happened to me!

i knew today was going to be a little cumbersome before i even went to bed last night.

i had several phone calls to make right away this morning:

  1. call the roofer for the leak that sprung in the kitchen on sunday
  2. call a plumber to fix the water hydrant in the barn since it decided to quit working last friday morning.
  3. call the fence people because two dogs found their way out on saturday morning...thankfully, they found their way back home again
  4. call the dress place to get a return authorization for the dress teen ager ordered and received last thursday but did not look like the dress on the website at all!
  5. call the dentist to reschedule the appointment teen ager wasn't here for last friday because we were enjoying the beautiful cali weather and hanging with the most principled chiropractors and students on the planet!

Ceiling leak
do you see that bubble? it doesn't belong there. it really doesn't! i don't even know how long it was there...later sunday afternoon, i walked into the kitchen to  put a glass in the sink and i saw a water drop from the ceiling...holy mackerel!!!! so kiroman and i popped the bubble and let the water and drywall crap drain out. it's still dripping so there is a bowl on the counter, under the leak, right now and forever more until the roofers investigate!

unfortunately, i am still waiting for a call back from the roofers :/

but the plumbers were here! and they were able to fix the hydrant without having to call in a back hoe and dig a five foot hole in the ground!

and the fence guy was here, too! we created an awesome plan to keep the doolittles from escaping and exploring without our permission! here's the aweome cool thing about our fence guy...besides he has been doing fence for us for years...when we were done creating a plan, he asked if kiroman saw people on a regular, weekly basis...and i said yes, we have people come in weekly for all kinds of things...not just neck and back pain. then he told me he sees a chiropractor every monday. i told him that was really cool...i asked who he goes to and he told me...then he told me that he didn't realize that chiropractic did more than help neck and back pain and that he hasn't been sick since he's been going! and his son and wife go also but he just can't get his daughter in...now, i'd like to chime in here...not one single time did i tell my fence guy that he should quit his current chiropractor and come see kiroman instead [ even though we have been voted the best in our city every single year and we have one of the most successful practices in the world ]. what i told him is how awesome it is that he is going and how cool it is that he hasn't been sick in that time! i know chiropractors that would have done their damnedest to convince this guy to come see them instead...but guess what? it's not all about kiroworld...it's about the world being under chiropractic care! got questions, please ask me!

then i called the dress place...and that took two phone calls to get the results i was looking for! if you don't like the first answer, always ask again! and that's what i did and now the dress is going back! i really don't understand how a company can so blatantly misrepresent their merchandise and then wonder why the customer is not happy!

i'd love to be able to tell you that i called the dentist but i didn't but it is the first call on my list for tomorrow for sure!

the good thing about waiting for all these return phone calls and experts making house calls is that i did get my inbox cleared out! there were almost 800 emails stacked in there! but i didn't want to just blatantly erase them all without scanning to make sure i hadn't missed anything important!

so now, kiroman has had one coaching call tonight and is back on the phone for an epic practice call and i am finishing up this post!

sit tight...i have a photo filled post coming tomorrow...to fill you in on our cali weekend! it was fabulous!!

i am grateful:

  • to have so many issues under control
  • for the opoortunity to be home when it's convenient for the experts to work their magic
  • the doolittles are safe and sound
  • kiroman will listen to me rant and rave over things out of his control
  • for the integrity my parents instilled upon me at such an early age

just breathing isn't living!


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