20 years have flown by!
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pay it forward

it's been awhile since i have posted a sparkle and for that i am truly sorry.

life gets busy.

things get in the way.

sometimes i lose my muse.

but i realized saturday morning that my muse is back in full swing and i am going to write my heart out!

so anyway, this week's sparkle is a little different.

first, read this:

teen ager posted this to facebook last week.

well, first, she texted me to have me take $34 out of her account and put it toward the credit card she uses...so i called her to find out what was going on and she explained to me what had just happened.

gentle reader, let me tell you how my heart swelled with pride and my eyes filled with tears of incredulity. this young lady never ceases to amaze me!

so your sparkle for this week is to pay it forward!

there are so many ways to pay it forward!

one of the speakers at schubel vision said something like this...there is always someone that knows more than you so seek them out to mentor you and there is always someone that knows less than you so seek them out in order to mentor them! he said much more eloquently, you can be sure! but that is the gist of the message.

and i love it! there is always someone you can help by doing nothing more than offering a bit of your time and life knowledge...

what does that cost you?

absolutely nothing!

what do you gain?

absolutely everything!

go forth and do goodness, gentle reader!

i am grateful:

  • for the giving and kind young lady that i am privileged to call daughter
  • to have the opportunities to allow someone to help me
  • to have the opportunities to help someone else
  • for kiroman and his selfless giving
  • for all the goodness that happens in the world every day!!

just breathing isn't living!


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ps...i began this post when young lady was still, indeed, a teen ager and this incident happened while she was still a teen ager, therefore i reserve the right to call her teen ager!