have you ever had one of those days...
every day a friday

schubel vision weekend

oh, gentle reader, grab something yummy to drink and meet me back here, ok?

i have lots to tell you and so many pictures to show you!


great to see you back here! my drink of choice is a caramel apple cider! yum-o!

so last thursday morning i took kiroman to the airport so he could jet off to rochester, ny and spizz up the local epoc group there!

then i did a million and one errands, packed, picked up teen ager and we headed to the airport!

teen ager snapped this photo of san francisco as we touched down at midnight pst...that's 2am to all of you cst folk! we grabbed our luggage, hailed a taxi and chatted our way through the next 30 minutes as we traveled to our hotel.

this was the sight out our hotel window...we were there to hang out and speak at life chiropractic college west...i know it's hard to see but the top sign says life chiropractic college west with an arrow to the left! there are no coincidences!

after showering, teen ager and i wanted to head down to enjoy a little continental breakfast but didn't want the room turned yet...kiroman was on his way and he wanted to shower before heading to life...we didn't have a real do not disturb door hanger so we made our own! cuz that's how we roll!

kiroman boarded a plane early friday morning and jetted from rochester, ny to san francisco! once he arrived in cali and refreshed himself...we ordered a pizza to be delivered to the hotel as they do not have a restaurant. while waiting for the pizza to arrive, we headed down to the lobby area to get out of a hotel room that had suffered 3 hot showers! while waiting for the pizza, teen ager wanted to skip outside and take some pics of cali. so i coerced her into a few poses for me!

after taking this pic, teen ager was done because she thought we looked ridiculous...i really don't care what we looked like or what people thought! we were having fun :)

after snacking on our pizza but before we headed to the college, teen ager had kiroman snap this one of us real quick.

once we got to the college, we looked up dr. brian flannery...head of the philosophy department and he took us to the class kiroman was to be speaking to for the next two hours! the students were awesome! they had lots of questions and were very intense! teen ager and i were asked for our opinions on a few things, too!. it was awesome to share with the future of this most awesome profession of chiropractic!

when i tell you that the students were intense and engaged, i'm not fibbing, gentle reader. it was awesome to see so many of them hang around after wards and ask questions. we gave them all an open invitation to visit our office, stay at kirohouse and get dipped in the real life of chiropractic! i know there are at least 6 of them that will be coming to visit and i can't wait!

this was so freaking cool! standing with kiroman is dan perman, the son of dr. denis perman...who is part of the masters circle which such a big part of kiroman's life for so very long! it was surprising to see him there and beautiful at the same time! and then on saturday, we found out that dr ron oberstein's daughter was in this class, too and she had already talked to her dad about visiting us!

and, gentle reader, this is dr brian flannery with kiroman. this man is doing some awesome thing at life! not only is he making sure the philosophy of chiropractic is not lost, he is bringing a brilliant business plan to the students! he and kiroman have collaborated quit a bit on what it being brought to these guys and gals. it is absolutely amazing! i love knowing we have such a grand part in guiding the students to be awesome when they graduate!

the first speaker we heard on saturday was dr brad glowaki...the new patient maven! i love hearing this guy and his message is always so enlightening. i love his passion for what he does every single day!

this is the second time i have heard dr ron oberstein speak. he was amazing! i had two tremendous take aways from his talk... i am because we are. wow! that's pretty powerful, if you ask me. if you didn't think so, read it again and say it out loud as you do. the other thing he said was that he has nothing against drugs...just who administers them...because the first time a chiropractor prescribes something and that person dies as a result...it will not be the drug that killed that person but a chiropractor. and that is something that chiropractic does not want to be part of or needs to be part of...and that's not exactly how he said it, i'm paraphrasing.

dr shawn dill. this was the first time i have heard him speak but have always heard wonderful things about him. he positively did deliver!

left to right: paul and brent are students at life and derrell [ our chiropractic son ] from parker. paul and brent were part of the student contingent that spoke on saturday. brent did his presentation on the black history of chiropractic. and let me tell you, it is not so pretty. he had an application to palmer college of chiropractic that asked for ethnicity and in parenthesis is stated that negroes were not allowed. anyway...the history is not cool and i am so glad things are so different now. brent asked the other two guys to come on stage with him...all three are great speakers and will be fabulous chiropractors!

dr matt hubbard. what can i say? proud new daddy of mikah. the next president of the largest state association in the us...california chiropractic association. i am blessed to call him friend. he is brilliant. he is passionate. he is on fire. he is on a mission. i love this guy!

what can i say about this guy that i haven't already? i am so blessed to call kiroman husband. he was fabulous saturday! the passion he brings to the stage is so unique. there is no doubt that his heart is there for chiropractic. i love this guy!

dr liam schubel. he's kind of a big deal. no, really, just ask him! i love this guy! i love that he is about promoting chiropractic. he's not selling anything. he is preserving the future of principled chiropractic...where nutrition, massage, foot baths, acupuncture has no place. i am proud to be on board with this man and his vision. there is no doubt in mind that, together, we will all preserve the sacred trust bj palmer entrusted in us!

at the end of saturday night these were the stars we saw on stage! missing are drs glowaki and hubbard.

the pic i had of dr sharon gorman was on my real camera [ not iphone camera ] that failed me this weekend :(

for giggles...i took screen caps of the weather app to show the temp difference between where we were in cali and what it was at home ;)

on the way to lunch, teen ager snapped this one...it only took 3 or 4 shots for my eyes to not look funny...according to teen ager!

waiting outside the restaurant after lunch and waiting for isaac, our taxi driver...i snapped this one of kiroman and teen ager. i have a beautiful family, inside and out!

for dessert after lunch, teen ager and i dove into this awesome orange! brought to us by dr brandon roberts! he picked it saturday morning from a tree in his back yard that his grandfather planted over 60 years ago! the orange was huge. the orange was the juiciest orange ever. the orange was the sweetest orange ever...you can't buy this at whole foods, people! i can't wait for cal jam! dr brandon promises to bring us more and this time i will be prepared to bring them home!

i love these candid photos of kiroman and dr matt! i love that they tell secrets. and i love that they crack themselves up. they guys have a love of life that most people only dream of!

kiroman and dr john coleman. we met dr john a few years ago at cal jam. he's a great guy! he was dubbed the timer guy and did a fabulous job!

kiroman, dr john and dr brandon roberts - grower of awesome oranges and keeper of the turtle named after kiroman! we met dr brandon at cal jam last year. i'm blessed to call these guys friend!

awww...my kirokids! teen ager with derrell and his girlfriend, lexi...both are students at parker university and will be fabulous assets to the chiropractic profession! it had been awhile since we have been able to spend time with these two and i was happy to have so much time with them this last weekend!

i am not talented enough to eat with chop sticks. neither is kiroman. neither is teen ager. but dr john sure is! kiroman was mesmerized by this and had to snap a pic! so obviously it had to be part of this story!

each side of the table. what a brilliant and happy group this was! chiropractors are such happy people, as a general rule...especially the ones i choose to surround myself with!

 and that, gentle reader, concludes my re-cap of a fabulous weekend in cali at life chiropractic college west with the most awesome people on the planet!

thanks for sticking with me til the end and i hope you had enough drink to make it to the end!

i am grateful:

  • for the relationships i have cultivated in my life
  • for the opportunity to guide kirostudents
  • for the opportunity to break bread with awesome friends
  • for the opportunity to strengthen my chiropractic conviction
  • for the opportunity to appreciate the gifts given to me

just breathing isn't living!


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