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gentle reader, social media is the way of our life now, isn't it?

social media makes it easier for us to stay in contact with family and friends that live far and near to us.

i am inviting you to join me in this social media party!

probably the place i check into the most is facebook. i used to keep a window open to facebook all the time. so that at a click of the keyboard, i could check in. a glance at my tabs and i knew if there were any new notifications. i don't do that so much any more. because i found myself sitting at the computer, waiting for a new notification to pop up, for something new to appear on my news feed. yes, i had succumbed to the addiction that is facebook. there are more productive things to be doing than to be waiting for a new notification, right?! but i do check my facebook frequently...i've re-connected with high school friends, i have made new friends, i have found inspiration, motivation and laughter on facebook. i am not willing to give that up. i will warn you: you will find that i post what i want on my wall...and it's not always politically correct or g-rated. you can find me here: facebook

another place i am becoming more familiar with is instagram. when the app was first introduced, i downloaded it immediately. i didn't know how to use it. i didn't really use it too much. i posted a photo or two and then forgot about it. until young lady began using it in earnest. then i began to check in once in awhile to see what she was a concerned mother, you know! and then i realized that i was getting a glimpse into the life she lives away from us. and then i realized that i could use those same pics in the project life album! and then i realized it gave me a peek into how fun loving this young lady is! i may go days without posting a photo but i check in regularly to see what's going on!  you can find me here: instagram

twitter...hmmm...not sure what to say about this one. i have a twitter account. the only time i use it is when i post to instagram and share to facebook and twitter. or when i share the chiropractic weekly sticky note to facebook and twitter. i rarely go to twitter to post anything all by itself...oh ya, this blog gets posted to twitter automatically also. if you're interested in what i don't do on twitter, you can find me here: twitter

pinterest. yep, i have an account but...i don't visit there often. i know there is tons of inspiration available there! i use it more to bookmark ideas i find on blogs. i love being able to have one place to keep all my ideas...all on separate boards, to keep it all organized! you can find me here: pinterest

and there's vine. you know...where you can post short videos to your profile and easily share with facebook and twitter. i admit that i have shied away from this one...when it first came out, it was flooded with porn and i really didn't want any part of that! i think the concept is fun...if the option to filter out that crap is available. i'll keep my eye on it and see what happens!

then there's google+...i totally do not understand this one...i do have one but have no idea how to share it with you so don't be upset if i ignore you on google+!

as for all those other ones...tumblr, linkedin, myspace [ although i do have an account since that was the very frist social media that young lady used...waaaaay back when...i didn't know people still used this site until i googled social media sites and it ranks 5th! ]...i don't use them, don't visit them, not really interested...i do have a linkedin account and receive emails from friends wanting to add me...don't be offended when i ignore that...

so, maybe i'll see ya around the internets!!! stop in and say helloooooooooo!

i am grateful:

  • to keep in contact with family friends that live far away
  • for the ease technology gives us
  • for those with a vision to develop social media outlets
  • social media is portable on my smart phone
  • to al gore for inventing the internet [ that, gentle reader, is total and absolute sarcasm but i couldn't resist ]

just breathing isn't living!


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