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kiroworld rocks!

gentle reader, kiroworld truly rocks!

if you live in our city and aren't experiencing kiroworld for yourself, what the heck are you waiting for?

really and truly...and this is not a sales pitch.

i really do not understand why you wouldn't want to be part of this awesome chiropractic practice. in all honesty, it's one of the best in the world and that's not just me sayin' it...leaders of the profession are sayin' it all over the county!

and if you are part of kiroworld, then you already know that kiroman speaks all over the county [ and canada ]...these people know what they are sayin!

take this for example:

Blessing-bags-blogyoung lady brought the idea of blessing bags to us. we thought they were awesome! i mean, who wouldn't, right? she posted them on facebook and the idea exploded! we have almost 100 chiropractic offices, nationwide, participating for the month of april! how freaking cool is that? that is way freaking cool! the goal for kiroworld is to collect 100 of these babies...just think if every other office collects at least 100 of these babies? come on, people, let's get off our butts and go!

so yesterday, as i was leaving kiroworld, after having an awesome team meeting and receiving the greatest adjustment in the whole wide world...i walked out with a patient...kiroman doesn't even know this story yet...she's been a patient for as long as i can remember. when we reached our vehicles, which were parked next to each other, she looked around the full parking lot, glanced back toward the office [ standing room only in the reception area ] and said to me: " wow, i think i need to get the word out...there aren't enough people here to see him!" thanks for getting the big idea, lt! i'll pass this on to kiroman when he's done with his coaching calls!

now, most people would grumble that the parking lot was packed and the reception area was full but not those that visit kiroworld! they understand the importance of the chiropractic adjustment. they know it's worth it to be there. they understand how their lives have changed, are changing and will be changed...because of the chiropractic adjustment they receive at kiroworld.

watch this:

even jimmy kimmel understands that adjusting is what chiropractors do! too bad so many chiropractors are diluting chiropractic with foot baths, acupuncture, exercises, nutrition, supplements, massage...anything but chiropractic! hippocrates said it well: "look well to the spine for the cause of disease." he doesn't mention eating/drinking habits or lack of massage...the true expert of your spine is a that adjusts...

stepping off from soapbox now, i will tell you, gentle reader, if you have never visited a chiropractor and are interested in doing so, please send me a message...we know awesome people all over the country and worldwide! all i want for you is what i am able to without without dis-ease! join me!!!

i am grateful:

  • for my kirofamily
  • for my kirofriends
  • for our kiroteam
  • for our kirosupporters
  • for the kirowarriors

just breathing isn't living!


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