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gentle reader, it is with a heavy hear that i write this post.

if you've followed me long enough, you already know my feelings on bullying.

if you are relatively new here, you will quickly understand my position.

if you are a subscriber, you will need to visit the blog for the video to play.

shinedown's bully. here are the lyrics:


[Verse 1]
It’s 8 A.M.
This hell I’m in
Seems I’ve crossed the line again
For being nothing more than who I am

So break my bones
And throw your stones
We all know that life ain’t fair
But there is more of us
We’re everywhere

We don’t have to take this
Back against the wall
We don’t have to take this
We can end it all

All you’ll ever be
Is a faded memory of a bully
Make another joke
While they hang another rope
So lonely
Push him to the dirt
‘Til the words don’t hurt
Can you hear me?
No ones gonna cry
On the very day you die
You’re a bully


[Verse 2]
Think it through
You can’t undo
Whenever I see black and blue
I feel the past
I share the bruise

With everyone
Who’s come and gone
My head is clear
My voice is strong
Now I’m right here to right the wrong

We don’t have to take this
Back against the wall
We don’t have to take this
We can end it all

All you’ll ever be
Is a faded memory of a bully
Make another joke
While they hang another rope
So lonely
Push him to the dirt
‘Til the words don’t hurt
Can you hear me?
No ones gonna cry
On the very day you die
You’re a bully


It’s 8 A.M.!
The Hell I’m in!
Your voice is strong!
Now right the wrong!

All you’ll ever be
Is a faded memory of a bully.
Make another joke
While they hang another rope
So lonely.
Push him to the dirt
‘Til the words don’t hurt
Can you hear me?
No ones gonna cry
On the very day you die
You’re a bully

[Repeat Chorus]


i love this song.

i hate this song ever had to be written.

i hate that anyone ever experiences bullying.

i have shared some bullying experiences here.

i'm sure you all remember the infamous jenna bully.

irene was my personal bully when i was in 5th grade. she was a 6th grader...way back when 6th grade was still part of elementary school and not junior high, like it is today.

she used to taunt me all the way home...all 8 blocks.

then one day after school, she did more than taunt.

she got physical.

i was walking home with my lil bro, one grade younger than me.

irene went at us, man. she pushed us down. our lunch boxes went skidding across the gravel play ground. our knees, hands and lunch boxes were scraped.

i remember trying really effing hard not to cry in front of that bitch. no way was i going to let her see that!

some how, my bro and i found our way to the school's office.

where we told the principle and vice principle what was going on.

they did nothing!

they were afraid of irene themselves!

i remember them peeking out the window to see if she was still there.

she was.

she taunted them.

neither adult would go talk to her.

neither adult would make her stop.

i had to beg to use the phone to call my mom.

at the time, we had one car. dad had it at work.

so my mom grabbed my other two bros and marched her way to the school to rescue us.

by this time, irene made it home.

safe and sound with her little posse.

her house was right on the way to mine.

my mom walked passed her house.

the posse was outside.

my mom asked them if they knew who irene was.

irene told my mom no!

mom finally got to school and on the way back home, i pointed out who irene was.

my mother was infuriated that it was the same girl that had told her no only a few minutes earlier.

of course there was no parent around to supervise this posse either.

big surprise, right?

i'm not sure exactly what my mom told that bitch that day but in know it wasn't nice.

i know in my 5th grade mind that day, my mom was my biggest hero. my mom told that bitch that if she [ irene ] ever touched a hair on one of her [ my mom ] kids heads ever again, she was going to personally kick her [ irene ] ass.

i'm not sure if it really went down that way but i think that's pretty close to the real story! if not, that's what my 5th grade mind heard her say.

i didn't have another problem with that bully bitch.

obviously, my mom also gave the school a what-for ass whoopin' for not protecting me and bro.

and then, gentle reader, i also know you know about kirogirl being bullied her sophomore year of high school.

to the point where kirogirl refused to go to school.

to the point where the bully's dad called kiroman an asshole.

to the point where the school counselor actually advised kirogirl to give the bully a bit of her own medicine.

to the point where i finally told kirogirl to punch the crap outta that bitch!

and guess what?

kirogirl never actually punched her or even laid a hand on her but they did end up in the same rest room one day at school.

kirogirl let her psycho bitch loose on this bully.

[ you know what i'm talkin' about...the part of you that goes untrained...we all have an inner psycho bitch ]

and the bully went crying to the admin and guess who got in trouble?

not the effing bully, that's for sure!

when called to the office, kirogirl told the admin that she was not talking to anyone without her parents and attorney present and went to class.

believe me, gentle reader, kiroman and i rectified that situation immediately.

i had a convo with my mom on mother's day.

it went something like this:

my mom told me she might have to work at the other store for a few hours tues...which is weird, i don't think she's ever had to do that before...because one of the ladies that worked there had a son that passed away and most everyone from that store would be going to the funeral.

i asked what happened.

here's what happened.

he was 16 years old.

sixteen years old.

s i x t e e n years old.

he was being bullied at school.

a public school, here in the city.

his mom had been to school twice...t w i c e ...that's two separate occiasions

to talk to the admin about her son being bullied.

apparently not enough was done because last tuesday night, he hung himself.

he couldn't take it any longer.

he hung himself so that when she got up wednesday morning and looked out her window, she saw him.

she screamed and his siblings came running...all four of them saw him.

she called the police.

they had to investigate and let him stay there for another 2 hours...two...t w o ...hours after they first arrived.

here's my stand on this situation...the school is 100% at fault. the school failed this young man. the school let him die.

those that were bullying him and the cause of his pain...they should die.

nope, i won't apologize for that. i don't give a rat's ass what their home life is like. i don't care at all.

the school knew this was going on. the school idled by. the school did nothing to stop this abhorrent behavior.

the parents of the bullies...hang 'em. they raised assholes...they should be responsible for the actions of their asshole children.

i am done.

i am finished.

i am over the top tired of the bullshit political correctness that is failing all of us.

there is such thing as right and wrong.

it's time we start acting like we know that.

it's time we start behaving like we know that.

it's time we make our children aware of that.

it's time to be responsible.

all i can say...don't ever let me catch you bullying anyone...heaven will not be able to help you.

i am grateful:

  • that kirogirl was strong enough and confident enough to stand up to her bitch bully
  • that kirogirl stands up for all that have and are bullied
  • that there are anti-bullying campaigns [ but not enough ]
  • for every single person that has stood up to their bully
  • for every bully that has recognized the error of their ways and has changed...bless you!

just breathing isn't living!


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