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why thank you, thank you very much!


it snowed yesterday.

that's right.

may 1, 2013.

it freaking snowed.

not flurries.



6 inches of snow at kirohouse.

you saw the post from yesterday.

today, i am seeing lots of facebook statuses questioning what is happening with our weather.

obviously global warming has been shot out the window!

in my never to be humble opinion, chem trails have a lot to do with it. i think chem trails have a lot to do with many other the state of our health.

take some time and watch this video [ subscribers will need to come to the blog in order for the video to work ]

there is a lot of explaining here.

if you watch, let me know what you think!

update on mama bird:

the snow has melted.

the winds have calmed.

mama and papa bird are back to watching the nest in turn. they are hunkered down and doin all they can.

i'm hoping for four little hatchlings very soon!

i am grateful:

  • to be a critical thinker
  • to the awesome guys at the dealership
  • for kirogirl's awesome friend that helped me out of an embarrassing jam today
  • for spending some time with kirogirl today
  • for the few minutes i was able to talk to kiroman tonight

just breathing isn't living!


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