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Reception 1
Reception 1
gentle reader, this post is not about an actual song.

it's about the song my heart plays right now.

right now, when i feel like i have so much on my plate.

right now, when i feel like i spend my days putting out fires rather than what i truly should be getting done.

enough so, that i am seriously contemplating changing my title from trophy wife to fireman!

but back to song!

as a mother, you only wish the absolute best for your child/ren.

and right now, i can't wish for anything better for kirogirl! v is the absolute best.

it surely helps that he has an awesome sense of humor and knows to take me and kiroman with a grain of salt!

i love how he fits so easily within our family.

i love how kirogirl tells me how she fits so seamlessly into his family.

i love how they have so much fun together and i especially love when i get to be included in their shenanigans!

the song in my heart is belting out with much happiness!

when kirogirl calls and i can actually hear the smile on her face, i know things are awesome!

gentle readers, for those of you with littles, you may not quite grasp what i'm talking about here...but i know for sure, that those of you that have children old enough to have girl/boy friends you know exactly of what i mean!

your hopes that they find a nice person to hang out with.

someone that treats them well.

someone that they allow to treat them well!


i am grateful:

  • for a sparkling clean home
  • the doolittles were so happy to see us today
  • for kiroman's safe travels
  • for the gratitude kiroman is shown while he travels to speak to the hearts of other chiropractors
  • for clean laundry

just breathing isn't living!


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