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Five Minute Friday

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this was my view this past weekend.

first amateur horse show for kirogirl.

first show with cookie for a year and half.

first show with a boy friend in attendance.

first amateur western pleasure circuit champion.

yep, lots of firsts in my view this past weekend.

my favorite view of the whole weekend?

the top collage.

gentle reader, if you have children, you already know how important their happiness is to you.

when kirogirl posted this photo on facebook...with the caption of "life is better when you are laughing", well, you definitely know that something is going very right.

and we did...we laughed a lot this weekend.

we had a great time catching up with horse show friends.

we had a great time hanging out in our tribe.

big dinners, small dinners and even a movie!

that was my view this past weekend.

and it was awesome.


i am grateful:

  • for the safe travels we all enjoyed this past weekend
  • kiroman and v made it to the horse show
  • for an awesome horse trainer
  • for catching up with friends you see only a handful times a year
  • for laughing


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