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will go down in the record books as something pretty damn special, gentle reader! i know a lot of people have posted about memorial weekend. how it's not about the backyard bbq's. it's more important than door buster sales. it's even more significant than the beginning of summer. i truly understand the meaning of remembering those that have given their... Read more →

this topic was brought up during schubel vision at life chiropractic college west a few months back. i embraced it immediately. especially when dr schubel posed this scenario to the audience: if you truly want to know the difference between interested and committed, just tell your wife you are interested in your relationship! i bet you find out real quick... Read more →

gentle reader, it is with a heavy hear that i write this post. if you've followed me long enough, you already know my feelings on bullying. if you are relatively new here, you will quickly understand my position. if you are a subscriber, you will need to visit the blog for the video to play. shinedown's bully. here are the... Read more →

kirogirl is growing up. i mean...yeah, she graduated high school and moved on to college then moved into the dorms. but now, now she's in her own apartment. she's independent. well, she's always been pretty independent. but, like, she has her own apartment! for realz! her room here at kirohouse is becoming empty. gentle reader, [ blinking back tears... Read more →

gentle reader, i know i'm a little late in posting about may day. but i really wanted to get this story down so i figured better late than never, right? kirogirl has been spending a lot of time with v. they had their first date april 15 and have spent pretty much every day together since then. kiroman and i... Read more →

hey there, gentle reader! i missed yesterday! and dang it! i was on a roll, too! but kiroman came home yesterday! from a long trip! and we helped out a friend as soon as he landed. then i made cookies. and then i made dinner. and then kirogirl and v and came to dinner. and then we spent almost 3... Read more →