a few days in the life...

innate at its finest

we moved into this kirohouse in april 2007.

this is our 7th spring here.

this is the 7th year the killdeer have nested with us.

i am so excited they choose our driveway every single spring.

she always lays four eggs.

on april 19th, i drove up our driveway to see this:


i was pretty stoked!

then the mowing guy came...while i was in the shower...i could hear his mower as he came by that side of the house.

so i did the only thing i could do.

i jumped out of the shower with my hair full of conditioner, wrapped it in a towel and pulled on my yoga pants and a hoodie over my wet body and ran outside to flag mowing guy down.

i wanted him to make sure he didn't run over her nest while mowing...so i flagged the nest and let him know where to be especially careful!

that was last week.

today...today we have this:

i came home tonight, after dropping kiroman off at the airport. it was sleeting/snowing and here is mama bird.

doing what innate does at its finest.

she's taking care of her babies.

gentle reader, that is dedication! i know of humans that are not as dedicated as this to their human babies!

but look at her!

and then it kept snowing.

and it snowed some more.

and i checked on mama bird.

and there she sat, almost completely buried in the snow.

taking care of her babies.

i worried about them.

i asked for help on facebook, instagram and twitter.

i finally reached someone at the humane society.

i was told to let her be and she should be fine as long as we don't get 18 inches of snow!

so i let her be.

i wanted to give her some type of shelter but was so worried that she would abandon the babies and i wasn't willing to take that risk.

i let her be.

then it kept snowing. and snowing. and snowing.

and i went to check on her and couldn't find her!

the snow had completely covered her.

i could hear chirping from an evergreen across the yard.

at first, i thought she had fled her nest in order to save herself.

back to the garage for a flashlight so i could do a little investigating.

lo and behold! she had not abandoned her nest and babies...i could see a bit of her tail feathers.

now i panicked.

what do i do?

do i leave her be still?

if i do, it is possible for her to suffocate under that heavy blanket of snow.

but the snow acts as insulation so maybe i should leave it alone.

i went back inside and cogitated my options.

i cogitated mama bird's options.

i went back out with an ice scraper and began to smooth away the snow.

she never moved a feather.

i could hear her mate, chirping, frantically from the tree.

i continued to dig.

she still didn't move.

imagine my surprise when she came flying, literally, out of the little snow bank and landed a few feet away from me!

i moved the snow off her babies, murmured to her and walked back to the comfort of my home.

i waited about 10 minutes and went back to make sure she went back to the nest.

and she did!

i'm hoping for the best for these four little guys.

i hope you will, too.

i am grateful:

  • kiroman had safe travels tonight
  • to be able to laugh and giggle with kirogirl
  • for the comfort of my home tonight
  • for the ups doing a second delivery for me today
  • for electric garage door openers

just breathing isn't living!


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