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interest vs. commitment

Interest or Committment-blog

this topic was brought up during schubel vision at life chiropractic college west a few months back.

i embraced it immediately.

especially when dr schubel posed this scenario to the audience:

if you truly want to know the difference between interested and committed, just tell your wife you are interested in your relationship! i bet you find out real quick what the difference is!

and then i embraced it even more!

and now, gentle reader, i am encouraging you to embrace it, also.

even though this was a chiropractic world domination event, this quote applies to all aspects of your life for sure!

take a minute to contemplate this.

what are the areas you are truly committed?

what are the areas that you are merely interested?


what to do? what to do?

i'd say eliminate those that only interest you - unless you are willing to be committed!

but be careful, gentle reader!

it is much too easy to become committed to too many things at one time!

sometimes we need to prioritize those areas...we can't stretch ourselves so thin that we struggle to maintain balance.

it's not always easy to see that which you are interested versus committed. i think, sometimes, those that we feel we are committed to, in reality, it is only interest.

however, gentle reader, i find that which you are committed versus interested is much easier to identify.

those things that you create time for.

those things that propel you forward.

those things that are consistently on your mind.

those things that make you a better person.

those things you are committed to!

i double dog dare you to let go of interested and become more committed!

i am grateful:

  • for the awesome dudes of platinum pools
  • the kirohouse laundry is getting caught up
  • to finally feel like i am catching my breath
  • for the ginormous heart kirogirl carries
  • for my daily docket [ post coming some day ] that keeps me fairly organized

just breathing isn't living!


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