mother's day 2013

it's starting to sink in...

kirogirl is growing up.

i mean...yeah, she graduated high school and moved on to college then moved into the dorms.

but now, now she's in her own apartment.

she's independent.

well, she's always been pretty independent.

but, like, she has her own apartment! for realz!

her room here at kirohouse is becoming empty.

gentle reader,

[ blinking back tears of proudness, melancholy and joy ]

i'm not sure why it hit me today.

maybe because we did more shopping for her pad.

maybe because we had to carry that heavy ass mirror all the way to the elevator, ride it up three floors and carry it down the hallway to her apartment...i dunno.

maybe how grown up she's sounding...

until i get the text that says she has just successfully cow-kissed v.

at which point, i promptly text him that i am truly sorry...that she was raised better than that and she had better manners when she was three but i digress.

i was lamenting the fact that my baby is flying the coop!

does this mean she will never be back in our basement?

hmmm...i dunno.

at least i know i will see her again.

mama bird update...the first egg hatched today! i wonder what mama bird feels when her babies fly the nest...i wonder if she sees them all grown up...i wonder if she ever wants them back under her wing.

i mean, gentle, reader...she has patio furniture and everything!

i am grateful:

  • to have spent the whole day with kirogirl!
  • to be working out with kirogirl again!
  • to see how happy and independent kirogirl is!
  • to see a really cool post on my fb wall from kiroman!
  • that kirogirl and v have so much fun together!

just breathing isn't living!


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