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just another day in the trenches

gentle reader...this was a long day!

kiroman was up early, started his coaching calls by 6am.

i lounged in bed until 7:30! *gasp*

then hit the ground running!

there were things to be done!

while kiroman coached, i started on getting kirohouse in order.

i turned the laundry, i gathered what didn't belong there and put it where it did belong.

then kiroman was done coaching around 10...he took garbage down the drive while i swished my teeth and changed my clothes and dragged a comb through my hair before i covered it with a hat!

and out the door we charged!

we decided i'd take kiroman to the airport and he'd take a cab home saturday.

i dropped him off at the airport and then headed to the city to do all the errands that needed taken care of before i headed out of town.

first stop, judging, gentle reader, please! there are very few vices i alcohol, no drugs [ recreational or otherwise ], fairly clean eating...i work out...i indulge in a bit of indoor tanning...

second stop, pet store for shark food.

i waited for kirogirl to catch up with me!

then we stopped for lunch at panera.

next stop, book store...i wanted to grab a few magazines for this weekend and what to our wondering eyes should appear???


yep...kate upton on the cover of vogue! how cool is that?

next stop, mac counter, then stopped by to see my mom.

bought a few things at buckle for this weekend...i mean, who can go out of town without a new watch? or a pair of boots? or new jeans? or a couple shirts?

hmhmhm...that was between me and kirogirl!

next stop, fill up the jeep and get a car wash!

next, dog food and treats for the doolittles and a stop by the office supply store and then stopping at my favorite big box store...

last stop...kiroworld for an awesome adjustment...then i took kirogirl back to her car and headed home and she headed home.

we both needed to pack!

once home, i unloaded the jeep and grabbed the keys to the hot rod and headed back into the city.

she needed a bath, oil change and a fill up.

by the time this was done...we were coming onto 6:30!

then it was time to feed ponies, let doolittles out, turn laundry, eat supper, talk to kiroman, catch up on facebook, pick up the clutter, scoop litter boxes, pack the suitcase, turn laundry again, run dishwasher, pack electronic bag, talk to kiroman again, talk to kirogirl and v...they had me on speaker phone for a technical clarification.'s almost 1am and i am finishing this post and waiting for kirogirl to arrive with priscilla!

have a great weekend, gentle reader! see ya on the flip side!

i am grateful:

  • to have spent the day with kirogirl
  • to have a partner when running errands
  • to be ready to leave for the weekend
  • to have an awesome friend that stays at kirohouse while we are gone
  • the laundry is caught up!

just breathing isn't living!


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