well, this is embarrassing
may day


hey there, gentle reader!

i missed yesterday! and dang it! i was on a roll, too!

but kiroman came home yesterday!

from a long trip!

and we helped out a friend as soon as he landed.

then i made cookies.

and then i made dinner.

and then kirogirl and v and came to dinner.

and then we spent almost 3 hours at the dinner table.

eating. talking. eating. talking.

it was a great evening!

then kiroman went to bed.

then kirogirl and v left.

and then i watched the season finale of red widow.

totally hooked on that show.

the finale was interesting! but aren't they supposed to be?

whoopsie, tangent!

i stumbled upon a new website today...happy wives club. take a minute to check them out.

i love the positive energy coming from this page!

so, while i was browsing, i found their quote page...and put this together real quick:

love this quote.

love this man.

love who we are together!

i am grateful:

  • to be married to my best friend
  • for the life we have built together
  • for the friendship we enjoy with each other
  • to know we always have each others back
  • for our kirogirl

just breathing isn't living!


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