mother's day 2013

may day

gentle reader, i know i'm a little late in posting about may day.

but i really wanted to get this story down so i figured better late than never, right?

kirogirl has been spending a lot of time with v.

they had their first date april 15 and have spent pretty much every day together since then.

kiroman and i met him briefly one saturday afternoon...while we were picking up kirobyk.

then kiroman was out of town a lot and there wasn't much opportunity for us to spend any time with them until this past sunday. between everyone's work schedules, kirogirl's school schedule and kiroman being out of town and all.

but last wednesday, i received a fb message from v. asking what kirogirl's favorite candy was because he wanted to make her a may basket and take it to her at work!

my first thought was " sweet is that?"

i mean, it's been years since we've done the may basket thing!

[ although there was a little convo on facebook with some friends...on how we are so going to do may baskets next year! ]

my second thought was "heck, what are her favorite candies?"

so i did what all sneaky moms would do.

i texted her and told her i was putting together a scrapbook page about her favorite candy and what did she want me to be sure to list...

she was at work and texted me back after a few minutes with a short list [ hahahaha, she fell for it!! ] ...that i then sent on to v.

and he went out and got her favorite candy and took her a may basket to work.

B and v
i mean, seriously! how sweet is that? i think it's pretty sweet!

i am grateful:

  • kirogirl is so dang happy
  • that v is such a thoughtful guy
  • spring has decided to finally show up
  • that kiroman is home this weekend!
  • to be relatively caught up

just breathing isn't living!


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