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schubelvision weekend number 2

memorial weekend 2013

will go down in the record books as something pretty damn special, gentle reader!

i know a lot of people have posted about memorial weekend.

how it's not about the backyard bbq's.

it's more important than door buster sales.

it's even more significant than the beginning of summer.

i truly understand the meaning of remembering those that have given their life in order for me to enjoy my freedoms here in the good ol' u s of a.

i am using the phrase memorial weekend in a way to time stamp.

giving reference as to when this took place.

the where of it all: a horse show in cedar rapids, ia.

so here's the skinny:

kirogirl and i headed out on the open road early last friday morning...and let's not get carried away with what early means...i'm not talking kiroman early! i'm not even talking about trophy wife early.

i'm talking about kirogirl early!

the official departure time was 7:40am...40  minutes later than i had anticipated.

kirogirl came home early friday around 2ish...she has taken her mattress to her new digs so she was left with no bed here so she climbed in with me and the doolittles...kiroman was in south carolina, speaking at sherman college of chiropractic's lyceum [ homecoming to those in rio linda - sorry, couldn't help the nod to rush limbaugh here ] once she came to bed, we had to chat, obviously and it was just past 3am when i finally told her that i had to go to when the alarm sounded at 6am, i did what anyone else would have done...hit snooze at least twice before i crawled outta bed!

so anyways...we finally were off and headed to the first horse show since the youth world show last june!

we arrived safe and sound and got checked into our hotel then headed to the arena to find horse trainer and horses!


here is cookie!!! see how happy she is? all snuggled in her slinky and blanky!

we had a bit before kirogirl would be practicing so we headed to our favorite big box store to pick up a few things to have handy at the stalls for the weekend.

once back, it was time for kirogirl to jump on her pony!

it was so awesome to see them together again! it's been a very long time! i know i said we hadn't been to a horse show since last june but kirogirl and cookie have not been to a horse show together since january 2012, gentle reader!

kirogirl is in the gold jacket in the line up. her very first line up for amateur western pleasure. i can hardly believe it, gentle reader! we have left youth behind. it was a bittersweet day for me, to be sure.

these two had a great ride! the class of 22 was split and they rode well enough to come back to the final go and had awesome placings for the day!

there is always lots of fun to be had at the horse show! mac has been with our horse trainer for several years now. this is one awesome family and so much fun to be around! these two are great friends! we were discussing how much mac has grown up since we last saw her...june of last she wanted to stand next to kirogirl to see how tall she was compared to can see, gentle reader, there is not much difference between the 20 year old and the 11 year old!

kiroman and v arrived safe and sound around 9pm...time for even more shenanigans! so the four of us headed to dinner with mac and her family. texas roadhouse it was! because i wanted the rolls...who doesn't love their rolls? it's unamerican to not love their rolls!

love her sweet blue eye!

kirogirl and v.

i think it was so cool of him to want to be at the show. i was amazed by how much he really paid attention to what was going on...he asked great questions and was better at remembering who everyone was [ horses and people ] than i usually am! he was great support for kirogirl, too.

he is the very first guy she has ever let come to a show. actually, she has never let any of her friends come to a show!

this, gentle reader, was a very big deal!

and he did mighty fine, in my never to be humble opinion.

he jumped right in and helped where ever and how ever he could. he held horses, he put away tack, he made trips back to the stall from the show pen, he helped load up the trailer when the whole she-bang was over.

but most importantly, kirogirl didn't freak out. and he gave her space when she needed her prep time.

it all went well enough, that he's been invited to the world show this that's a pretty big deal!

this was taken after the class on sunday...the first time v got to see her show and put it all together what this crazy horse show thang is all about. he's a quick study!

after the show sunday, we headed out for bite at chilis and then caught hangover III. i thought it was awesome...not as awesome as the first one but it was still worth the watch! i loved how they tied everything up, with no loose ends!

i know you've seen this one before but i absolutely love it! we went to breakfast monday morning and i decided i needed a photo of them. so i started snapping away...i am usually getting yelled at for taking so many...but look what get some awesome out takes! the top left and bottom photos are total out takes...the top right was the one i was going for...but i wouldn't delete any of them for the all the tea in china!

we definitely shared a lot of laughs over the weekend!

well, that's the end of the photo journaling, gentle reader.

but i must tell you...kirogirl showed saturday, sunday and monday. her class was 22, 21, 18. and i am so proud to say that kirogirl and cookie came home the circuit champions for amateur western pleasure! not too shabby for not showing together in almost a year and a half! not too shabby for it being kirogirl's amateur debut!

i must also tell you that horse trainer won the senior western pleasure circuit on cookie.

i must also tell you that mac won the youth western pleasure circuit on a baby we raised.

i must also tell you that horse trainer won the junior western pleasure circuit on another baby we raised.

so it was an awesome cool weekend...all my horses took home circuit awards in the pleasure cool is that?

and with that, i bid you adieu!

i am grateful:

  • for our safe travels over the holiday weekend
  • for an awesome horse show weekend
  • kirogirl has a bf interested in what interests her
  • kiroman and v were able to see her show
  • for the happiness that fills my heart

just breathing isn't living!


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